With TiVo and our online partners, you can access an entire universe of on-demand movies, web videos, streaming music, podcasts and more. We’re talking the keys to the entertainment kingdom.

TV Shows, Movies and Sports

Enjoy thousands of movies and TV episodes from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus and XFINITY On Demand in select markets. Plus, watch every ballgame your favorite team plays this season.


Make staying in just as exciting as going out with thousands of movies and TV episodes available on demand. With a Netflix unlimited streaming membership, you can watch it all instantly.

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Hulu Plus

Maybe you’ve missed last night’s episode. Maybe you’ve missed every episode. Explore thousands of current and classic TV show episodes as well as must see movies with Hulu Plus. From full episodes of Saturday Night Live, Family Guy and Modern Family to critically acclaimed movies from the likes of Fellini and Kurosawa, Hulu Plus is plus-sized entertainment.

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Now it's even easier to watch all your favorite teams in action on your TiVo DVR. With the MLB.TV app, you'll enjoy every Regular Season out-of-market baseball game, live or on demand—with the press of a button. You can use the Jump to inning function to go back and watch the beginning of any passed inning of the game. Plus, it’s easy to see where your team ranks in the league, with team stats and standings.

It's easy to subscribe to MLB.TV on TiVo:
Go to TiVo Central > Apps & showcases >MLB.TV

How to set up MLB.TV on TiVo


Comcast subscribers can access XFINITY On Demand and Streampix from their TiVo DVR in select markets.


With TiVo, you can bring the music you love to life, right on your TV. Stream your favorite artists, albums and genres whether you’re working, working out, cooking, playing, hosting or relaxing. You can also listen to music from your PC.


Create your own customized radio stations, discover new artists or find new songs just like the ones you already love. With Pandora through your TiVo DVR, just enter the name of a favorite song or artist and you’re on your way. Best of all, it’s entirely free.

How to use Pandora Internet Radio on TiVo


Access millions of songs in just a few clicks. No need to buy individual tracks—you can listen and download all you want for one low monthly fee. Rap, classical, country and more, it’s all there and free for 30 days. Then become a member and keep the jams flowing.

It's easy to try Rhapsody on TiVo:
Go to TiVo Central > Music & photos > Rhapsody Music Service

How to listen to the Rhapsody music service on your TiVo box


Quite possibly the hippest new thing in music, Spotify is quite the hit, and now available on TiVo. Increase your music library by millions with Spotify on your TiVo DVR. Search and play virtually any song, album or music genre and hit play.

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Live365 is the world's largest Internet radio network, with hundreds of stations available on your broadband-connected TiVo box. Browse by category or recommendation, and then add your favorite channels for easy access later. You'll see artist, album, and track information along with album artwork.

How to listen to Internet radio on your TiVo box

Your music

If you have MP3 music files on your PC, you can stream them to your network-connected TiVo box for playback through your TV or home entertainment system.

To stream music from your PC, you will need TiVo Desktop software for PC.

How to stream music from your PC

Web Videos, Podcasts, App Stores and News

Find and watch the latest viral videos, music videos, movie trailers, instructional videos and more. Or tune in to audio podcasts on your TV or home entertainment system. It’s the best (and worst) of the web, at your fingertips. (We’re with you—sometimes the worst is more fun.)


There’s a reason more than a billion people visit YouTube™ every month—it has everything! Why watch two-legged tip-toe walking cats on your laptop when you can see it on your big screen? Explore an almost endless selection of free web videos right in the comfort of your home theater.

How to browse YouTube on your TV


If you want to stay current with entertainment, technology, news and culture, the AOL On app is the easiest way to do so. AOL On features only the best web videos from trusted sources like Huffington Post, Entertainment Tonight, Engadget and so much more! Plus you can listen to entire albums from popular artists.

How to use AOLon on your TiVo DVR


The brightest minds and creators of amazing content can be found in the newly formed Podcast world. Listen to your favorite audio podcasts with Podcaster, including NPR favorites like Fresh Air, the Car Talk Call of the Day and more.

How to listen to audio podcasts on your TiVo box


Hotlist brings great internet video right to your TV with channels like A&E, TMZ, TV Guide and more! Want your channel on Hotlist for TiVo? Drop us a note at


Moviefone is the ultimate app for showtimes, trailers, reviews, exclusive movie clips, and news.


The TechCrunch app is the best way to get the hottest technology news on your tablet and phone. Browse the latest TechCrunch headlines with a flick of your finger then tap to dive into an unparalleled source of stories about startups and Silicon Valley, gadgets and go-getters.

Opera TV Store

The Opera TV Store brings TiVo users hundreds of exciting web video and music channels (even games), all optimized for TV. Watch breaking news, sports and entertainment from top channels, right in the comfort of your living room.


Want to see and share pictures of the kids, photos from your latest vacation or fun images from that crazy surprise party last month? TiVo lets you do it all with apps and a way to view your PC photo albums and slideshows on your TV.


Tell your story. Or better yet, let your pictures tell it for you. Picasa Web Albums is fast and easy photo sharing from Google, right on your TiVo. Simply let your friends far and wide know your user name, and then they can find your public photos on their broadband-connected DVRs right from their living room.

How to view photos on Picasa Web Albums on your TiVo DVR

Your photos & videos

With easy-to-use features that let you view photos with just a click of your TiVo remote control, you can show anything from pictures of the newest family member to albums of your adventures in the Australian Outback.

If you have photos on your PC, you can use your network-connected TiVo box to view them on your TV. To view photos from your PC, you will need TiVo Desktop software for PC.

How to view photos from your PC