How to transfer shows from one TiVo box to another

When you have more than one TiVo box connected to your home network, you can easily transfer shows between them.

Before you begin, make sure that all TiVo boxes are connected to your home network. See how to connect your TiVo box to your home network.

Transferring shows between TiVo boxes

You recorded a show on your living room TiVo box but you want to watch it on the TiVo box in your bedroom. No problem! Here's how.

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  1. Go to the TiVo box that you want to transfer shows to. For this example, let's call it the Bedroom box.
  2. At the bottom of the Bedroom box's "My Shows" list highlight the TiVo box you want to transfer shows from. Let's call this the Living Room box. Remember, TiVo boxes in your home network are marked on the "My Shows" list by the TiVo box icon. See it
  3. Press SELECT to see the Living Room box's "My Shows" list.See it
  4. Find the show you want to transfer from the Living Room box to the Bedroom box. Highlight it and press SELECT.

    Note: Shows that cannot be transferred due to copy protection restrictions are marked with a red circle slash.
  5. On the information screen, select "Transfer This Program." On the "Getting Program" screen, you can choose to watch the show as it is transferring, or continue browsing the Living Room box's "My Shows" list.See it

    Note: If you watch the show as it is transferring, you might experience intermittent delays in the transfer, depending on your network speed.
  6. Once the show is transferred from the Living Room box to the Bedroom box, the show exists in both locations. If you delete the show from one box, you can still find it on the other.

Transferring from a paused location

Let's say you've watched the first half of a movie in one room, and want to finish it in another. You don't need to transfer the whole movie; transfer only the part you haven't watched.

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  1. From the receiving TiVo box's "My Shows" list, select the sending TiVo box.
  2. Press SELECT on the show you want to transfer, then select "Transfer from paused point." See it

Note: The show cannot be playing on the sending box when you start the transfer.

Stopping a transfer in progress

To stop a transfer in progress, select the show title from the "My Shows" list on the receiving TiVo box, then select "Stop transferring."

If you choose "Stop transfer & delete" instead, the portion of the show that has already transferred to the receiving TiVo box is deleted. The show remains intact on the sending box.

Transferring shows without a home network

If you don't have a home network but want to transfer shows between TiVo boxes, consider connecting the boxes directly. You can connect the boxes with a wired or wireless connection:

Not all programs may be transferred using the Multi-Room Viewing or TiVoToGo features due to the use of copy protection mechanisms permitted under the FCC’s encoding rules. Some shows cannot be transferred due to the copy protection assigned them by the program provider. These shows usually are marked with a red circle-slash icon. (47 C.F.R. 76.1904)