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TiVo Central, your entertainment headquarters

The starting point for the TiVo® Roamio experience is TiVo Central. Get there by pressing the metallic TiVo button on the top of your remote. From here, you can go to My Shows to see everything your DVR has recorded; search and browse for something else to watch; see what’s scheduled to record on your To Do List; or manage your favorite OnePasses.

Entertainment in the palm of your hand

With your TiVo remote control in hand, you can now search, discover and explore a vast universe of entertainment—all in just few clicks.

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Don't miss it. Schedule it.

Roamio makes it easy to record all the shows you love so they’re waiting for you to watch. Simply set up a OnePass or a WishList search.


Take the stress out of remembering to record each episode of your favorite TV series. Simply set up OnePass to gather every available episode of any season or all seasons of your favorite show from TV or streaming options such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, on demand (if available) and other streaming sources. Learn everything you need to know about OnePass here.

WishList Search

If you know what you like, but aren't sure when it's on, simply create a WishList search. Search by actor, director, keyword or category and every time a show matching your criteria airs, it's recorded.

Set up your OnePass to stream and record your favorite shows by season.

Schedule recordings and more with the TiVo app

Using the free TiVo app for mobile devices, you can schedule
and manage shows when you’re away from home. With your mobile you can also watch live and recorded TV around the house or around the world. Learn More

Schedule your recordings online

Forget to schedule a recording? Don't panic. Just visit tivo.com from anywhere and search for shows, browse air times and channels, and schedule your desired recording online. Now you can stay in touch with Roamio from anywhere.

Find great things to watch from both TV and the web in one simple search. You will also like the more advanced browse and suggestion features of Roamio. The Discovery Bar, Collections and the What To Watch Now feature give you all types of entertainment results to watch in seconds.

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Transfer your shows and new recordings to your new DVR

It’s easy to transfer all your shows. If both your TiVo DVRs are connected to the internet, you can transfer your shows with ease between DVRs in the My Shows folder.

Also, through Season Pass manager, you can transfer all your Season Passes or “Recordings only” OnePasses to your new TiVo DVR. Go to www.tivo.com/seasonpassmanager.

Note: To use this feature both DVRs must be connected to the Internet, you need a broadband connection, and a tivo.com account.

Manage your recordings online

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