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Want the TiVo experience in every room in your house? TiVo Mini allows you to enjoy and access all the entertainment from your main TiVo DVR anywhere in your home. Smart. Simple. Mini.

  • Watch live TV and recorded shows
  • Access Hulu Plus, YouTube™, Pandora®, Spotify and more*
  • Search, schedule and record your shows
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liberate the living room

Liberate your
living room

Manage your recordings, search for shows and movies, set up new recordings and enjoy web content on any TV with a Mini. We literally couldn't make it any easier – just like your TiVo DVR.

  • Search for shows and movies by title, actor, category, keyword or even descriptions.
  • Use a WishList® search to find and record TV matching an actor, director, keyword or category.
  • Set up Season Pass® recordings to schedule every episode of your favorite shows
  • Watch movies & TV shows from TiVo online partners like Hulu Plus*
  • Stream music from Pandora® and Spotify®


Access all the power of your TiVo DVR in a compact, convenient format.

Family photos, books, tchotchkes – you’ll have more room on your shelf for all the things you love thanks to the mini size of TiVo Mini.

Mini Installation Tabbed Content

Setting up your TiVo Mini

To stream live or recorded television to your TiVo Mini, connect your TiVo DVR to the Internet using one of the following:

  • Wired Ethernet
  • Ethernet over coax (MoCA)
Premiere 4/XL4/Elite will not stream to TiVo Mini.

If your TiVo DVR uses a wireless adapter, it will not be able to stream to TiVo Mini. Consider connecting using an Ethernet over coax (MoCA) network. Learn more

If your TiVo DVR is connected via wired Ethernet

If your house is wired for Ethernet, you’re all set! Just connect your TiVo Mini to your TV and enjoy.

Living Room Living Room Installation Diagram
Bedroom Bedroom Installation Diagram
  • Coax Cable
  • Ethernet
  • HDMI/Component Cable

If your TiVo DVR is connected to your router

You’re all set! Just connect your TiVo Mini to your other TV and enjoy.

Installation Diagram A
Installation Diagram B
  • Coax Cable
  • Ethernet
  • HDMI/Component Cable

If your TiVo DVR cannot reach your router

If your TiVo DVR cannot reach your router or it currently uses a wireless adapter, consider using a MoCA Network Adapter to create a simple Ethernet over Coax (MoCA) network.

Living Room Living Room Installation Diagram
Bedroom Bedroom Installation Diagram
  • Coax Cable
  • Ethernet
  • HDMI/Component Cable
Office Office Installation Diagram

A MoCA Network Adapter “bridges” the connection between an Ethernet network and a MoCA network so that you can access high-speed internet in any room in your house that has a cable outlet.

For instructions on using your TiVo Mini, refer to TiVo Mini User Guide and TiVo Mini: Installing and Using

If you experience problems with your TiVo Mini, refer to TiVo Mini Troubleshooting.

If you received your TiVo Mini from your cable company, please refer to TiVo Mini FAQ & Troubleshooting (Enterprise Operators)

Mini Specs

Compatible DVRs (4-tuners required)

  • TiVo Roamio and Roamio Plus or Pro
  • TiVo Premiere 4 and XL4/Elite


HDMI, component video, composite video

Video Output Modes


Available Apps

Hulu PlusNetflixPandoraSpotifyLive365
YoutubeAOL OnLaunchpad for TiVo
PicasaPhotobucketYour Music/Photos & Games

Image of Mini Rear Panel

Mini frequently asked question

Mini Frequently asked questions

With TiVo Mini, you can:
  • Stream and watch Live TV with full Trick Play functions
  • Pause a show in one room and resume it in another
  • Stream recorded shows to another DVR
  • Access your 4-tuner TiVo DVR through your Ethernet or MoCA home network to schedule recordings, WishList searches and Season Pass recordings
  • Share web entertainment from another TV, including movies and music from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, and other broadband content providers
  • Stream HD recordings to up to three TVs

TiVo Mini does not have a tuner or hard drive, and does not need a CableCARD. Additionally, the remote in the TiVo App cannot control TiVo Mini.

What does TiVo Mini cost?

To be activated, TiVo Mini requires:

  1. A one-time cost of $99.99 for the unit
  2. A service plan:
    • Monthly service fee: $5.99/month with a minimum of one (1) year commitment and an early termination fee
    • Product lifetime service (PLS): One-time service fee of $149.99
What is in the TiVo Mini box?
  • 1 TiVo Mini
  • 1 standard TiVo remote (batteries included)
  • 1 power adapter
  • 1 6' HDMI cable
  • 1 Start Here poster (Installation Guide)
What does TiVo Mini get from the host DVR?

TiVo Mini is a client device. It depends on the host DVR to provide:

  • Program guide data
  • Tuners (for Live TV streaming and QAM-based VOD)
  • Multi-Room Streaming content
  • My Shows
  • Remote Scheduling
  • Channel Locks
  • Thumb Ratings
  • Search
  • Browse
  • Discovery Bar
  • Poster Art

NOTE: If TiVo Mini loses connection to your home network, this data will not be available.

How many Mini boxes can be supported on one TiVo DVR?

Up to eight TiVo Minis can be supported by one TiVo network containing either TiVo Roamio or Premiere DVRs.  One tuner is used each time a TiVo Mini is being used on the network. Therefore, depending on the number of DVRs and tuners you have available, you may not be able to have all eight operating simultaneously.

TiVo Roamio DVRs allow for dynamic tuner allocation, so the tuner is only used when the Mini needs it and is released back to the DVR for use when the TiVo Mini isn’t in use. TiVo Premiere DVRs do NOT support dynamic tuner allocation, so any Mini connected to a Premiere is allocated a constantly dedicated tuner and therefore reduces the tuners available for the Premiere DVR.

Can DVR be wireless and still connect to Mini?

No, you must use a wired connection (Ethernet or MoCA) to connect your DVR to a TiVo Mini. Wireless  networking is not supported.