TiVo advertising sales

Ad solutions that deliver when viewers are engaged.

TV viewing behavior has evolved and so have TV audiences. It’s time for television advertising to catch up and keep up with the changing market.

TiVo continues to develop and deploy interactive advertising to help brands reach viewers in this age of time-shifting, fast-forwarding, and infinite choice.

With DVR market penetration at 50% of households, advertisers can’t afford to overlook the "dvr-proofing" ad solutions TiVo offers.

TiVo marketing solution

  • Engages the viewer during TV programs, not just during ad breaks
  • Enhances and protects TV spots, and therefore the spend
  • Reaches influential leaders in groups: affluent, 18-54, families and avid consumers
  • Activates direct response, coupons and requests for more information (RFI)
TiVo ad inventory
  • TiVo Central Homepage Gold Star Sponsorship
  • Interactive TV Spot Tags and RFI
  • Fast-forward billboards
  • Record tags for TV shows
  • In program placements – before, during and after

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