CableCARD decoder

What is a cableCARD decoder?
A CableCARD decoder tells your TiVo BOLT which channels you are authorized to receive, and unscrambles your cable company's encrypted signal so you can view all the HD and digital cable channels included in your cable TV subscription package. This card replaces the need for your cable company's cable box.

Where do I get one?
You must call your cable company to order and schedule the installation of your CableCARD decoder. Some cable providers allow their customers to pick up their CableCARD at their local service center and install it on their own. For the TiVo BOLT, you will need a single Multi-stream CableCARD decoder (M-Card). Federal law mandates that all major cable companies provide CableCARDs to their digital cable subscribers.

How much does it cost?
While some cable companies offer CableCARDs to their subscribers for free, others may charge a nominal monthly fee, usually between $2-$4 per month. Contact your provider for details.

How does it work?
The cableCARD decoder is inserted into the bottom panel of your TiVo BOLT or in the rear panel of your Roamio or Premiere. After it is inserted, please call your cable provider to activate and pair the card to your Premiere. You will need to provide the card's serial number (found on the back of the card) and host ID (which will appear on your TV).

Why do I need one?
To view your cable company's HD and digital channels, your TiVo BOLT requires the installation and activation of a single Multi-stream CableCARD decoder (M-Card).

We're here to help
If you experience any problems call our TiVo Technical Support team at 1-877-367-8486 and we will initiate a three-way call with your cable company to expedite setup.

For additional information, please see:

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CableCARD is a trademark of Cable Television Laboratories, Inc. TiVo does not provide cable service.