How can I secure my MoCA network and improve its performance?

IMPORTANT: If you are using a TiVo BOLT with MoCA and you have an antenna connected to your home's coax network, you MUST also install a 450 dB POE filter (available in the TiVo store).

Because MoCA connects your home network to your coax cable, it is possible for the MoCA signal to carry your network signal out of your home (and out of an antenna, if you have one!). That means that if a close neighbor has a MoCA adapter of their own, it might be possible for them to connect to your home network. While this isn't very likely, the way to avoid it completely is to install a Point-of-Entry (POE) filter.

Installing a POE filter where the coax cable enters your home not only secures your network, but it also prevents signal conflicts with other MoCA networks and improves your MoCA network's performance. A POE filter is easy to install and can be found in the TiVo store.

Learn how to install your POE filter here