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Get set up and connected.

Get started with TiVo EDGE

Image of a TiVo EDGE for antenna Setup & Product Features booklet



When your TiVo EDGE arrives, be sure to locate the Setup + Product Features booklet inside the box. This easy-to-follow guide gives you step-by-step instructions for installing your new TiVo EDGE. Follow the simple steps, and you’ll be up and running in no time.


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Connect your TiVo EDGE to the internet.

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Your TiVo EDGE requires an internet connection so the TiVo service can deliver the program guide, stream content from popular apps like Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube1, and stream content between TiVo devices on your home network.2



Setup made easy.

Image of a man setting up his antenna receiver


Pairing TiVo EDGE with a digital antenna is easy: just plug in your antenna cable and you're all set. Watch, search, browse, or record, and start enjoying all your favorites in HD.


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Determine the best antenna for you



Use one of the following methods to connect your TiVo EDGE to the internet:

Wired Ethernet

Plug the included Ethernet cable into the back of the TiVo device. This method is ideal for streaming content between TiVo devices.


Ethernet over coax (MoCA network)

TiVo EDGE has a built-in MoCA network adapter so no additional adapters are required. This is ideal for streaming content between TiVo devices if you don’t have wired Ethernet. How MoCA works with TiVo EDGE:


1. When your router is next to TiVo EDGE, connect the Ethernet cable from your router to TiVo EDGE and choose "Create MoCA Bridge" from the guided setup menu.


For more detailed instructions, go here.



TiVo EDGE has built-in wireless capability.. With a wireless connection, you can transfer shows between DVRs or watch shows on your mobile device. This method does not support streaming content between two or more TiVo devices, such as TiVo DVRs.


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Step-by-step: How to connect your TiVo DVR to your network and the internet

Get app-happy with the free TiVo app.

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Once an internet connection is established, you can use the free TiVo app on your mobile device to control and manage your TiVo EDGE. Download the TiVo app from the App Store or Google Play to search, browse and schedule recordings from anywhere.


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1 Broadband internet connection is required to access and receive streaming content. Availability of third-party content from streamingsources is subject to change and certain third-party fees may apply. For example, Netflix unlimited streaming membership is required (andsold separately) to access Netflix content, and Prime Video membership is required (and sold separately) to access Prime Video content. 

2  Streaming within the home from TiVo EDGE to another TV requires a separately purchased TiVo. The TiVo EDGE works optimally with up to four (4) devices. 

3 Compatible mobile devices consist solely of an iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod Touch® device running iOS 7.0 or later, or an Android™ mobile device running 4.1 or above with a non-Intel or AMD chipset (sold separately). Not all recorded content can be streamed or downloaded to a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Additionally, some recorded content can only be streamed/downloaded to your laptop, tablet or mobile device while you are on the same network as your TiVo EDGE. Out-of-home streaming (a) will support streaming to only one of your devices at a time and (b) may not be available for all recorded content.