About TiVo KidZone guides

What are TiVo KidZone Guides?

TiVo KidZone Guides are lists of television programs hand-selected by experts like Common Sense Media, Parents' Choice Foundation, and Parents' Television Council to help you discover and automatically record the best TV programming for your family. You can record all shows in a TiVo KidZone Guide list or choose just the shows that interest you most. TiVo KidZone Guides generally deliver 3-10 hours of programming every week and are updated regularly, as new shows air, so you're always sure to be watching the freshest, hottest, most interesting programs on TV!.

Do I have to pay extra for TiVo KidZone Guides?

No. TiVo KidZone Guides are included as part of your regular TiVo service.

What do I need to begin recording TiVo KidZone Guides?

You need an activated TiVo® Series2, HD, HD XL, or Series3 HD DVR to enjoy TiVo KidZone Guides. You can record TiVo KidZone Guides whether your TiVo box is connected to broadband or a phone line. The DIRECTV® Receivers with TiVo and the TiVo Series1 DVR are currently not compatible with TiVo KidZone Guides; however, subscribers may always browse the TiVo KidZone Guides lists on my.tivo.com.

How do I record/cancel TiVo KidZone Guides?

Just go to TiVo Central Online (http://www.tivo.com/tco) and click on any of the TiVo KidZone Guides highlighted on the main page. Once you've found a guide that interests you, follow the on-screen steps to schedule the TiVo KidZone Guides you want to record. To cancel a TiVo KidZone Guides recording, go to the Manage TiVo KidZone Guides page within TiVo Central Online and click “Cancel” or simply delete the selections from your TiVo box. (Go to Pick Programs to Record and select Season Pass Manager.)

How many shows will be recorded?

TiVo KidZone Guides generally deliver 3-10 hours of programming every week right into your My Shows alongside all your other recordings. TiVo KidZone Guides are updated regularly, so weekly recording times may vary. You can always control how many shows you wish to keep by specifying a particular number in the "Keep at most" option on either the "Manage Guides" page or on your TiVo box under Season pass Manager.

Will TiVo KidZone Guides conflict with my existing Season Pass™ or other recordings?

No. By default, TiVo KidZone Guides are sent to your TiVo box at the lowest recording priority, so they won't conflict with your other recordings. You can manage your recording options on the Manage Guides page on tivo.com, or from your TiVo box. (Go to Pick Programs to Record and select Season Pass Manager.)

How do I change settings for TiVo KidZone Guides?

TiVo KidZone Guides work exactly like a regular Season Pass recording or WishList® recording. To modify these settings, simply go to the Manage Guides page within my.tivo.com, or edit the options directly on your TiVo box. (Go to Pick Programs to Record and select Season Pass Manager.)

How long does it take for my TiVo box to begin recording shows?

If your TiVo box is connected via broadband, it can take up to 12 hours to begin recording the first show in a guide. If you are using phone line, it may take up to 24 hours.

What if I don't want all of the shows?

You always have the option of choosing to record all programs in a TiVo KidZone Guide, or just the programs that appeal to you most. On the TiVo KidZone Guides pages, simply select and un-select programs using the checkboxes. If a show is not selected, it will not be recorded on your TiVo box, even if it appears on a TiVo KidZone Guide in the future.

Are TiVo KidZone Guides the same as Season Passes?

No. Because TiVo KidZone Guides change over time, there is no guarantee that a show recommended by an expert one week will be recommended again the following week. So, if you find you love an ongoing show picked by an expert, we recommend that you schedule a Season Pass recording for that show to make sure that you never miss an episode.

Will KidZone Guides record duplicates of shows?

Nope! The TiVo service won't record duplicates of your shows.

What if I don't receive the channels that the TiVo KidZone Guides shows air on?

If you don't receive the channel, you will not receive the program.

How do TiVo KidZone Guides affect my privacy?

In order to enable TiVo KidZone Guides, the TiVo service must acquire additional information about the shows that you watch and record. For more information, please see our privacy policy.