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The TiVo experience tailored for distribution by cable companies.

Only TiVo delivers everything your customers want. Today.

TiVo delivers consumer experiences that your customers crave through a combination of leading-edge consumer products, cloud-based services and content relationships. The result is a single ‘box' with the ability to aggregate, search and deliver millions of broadband, cable and broadcast content assets to the core of the home media experience: the television. TiVo's intuitive functionality and ease of use puts viewers in control, enabling them to effortlessly navigate virtually endless entertainment options. And it’s all available through one box, with one remote, and one user interface. Simply put, TiVo delivers the most dynamic user experience on the market today.

TiVo's operator solutions start with optimizing the TiVo experience for distribution by the operator—co-branding the user interface, incorporating the operator's content and providing powerful promotional tools for the operator's revenue content.


TiVo provides a robust product enabling our partners to determine the solution that works best for them:


TiVo has partnered with the following North American operators:

Why TiVo?

TiVo brings the operator content, navigation, and branding options that they can't get anywhere else.

  • Operator branding front and center: on the box, the remote, the UI
  • Operator's content given priority placement in UI
  • Seamless integration of content into one search experience
  • Unifying the search, discovery and recommendations experience across all screens
  • Delivering content to those devices from the cloud or the gateway–in the home or on the move

"We reviewed a number of alternatives to find the best way to offer a full suite of linear television, VOD, and broadband-delivered content to every room in our customers' homes. We found that TiVo, by way of its best-in-class user experience, its leading consumer feature set, and rapid time-to-market is a very compelling answer."

Jerry Kent,
Suddenlink CEO

Additional Information

Only TiVo provides this many advanced television solutions. And it does for more than a dozen of the top 20 operators in North America and for international operators like Virgin, ComHem and Ono. For more information, contact TiVo Business Development at