Virgin Media on TiVo

We have quadrulpled the numbers of households using our game-changing TiVo service.

TiVo applauds Virgin Media on adding 222k new TiVo subscribers.

Many U.S. MSOs are seeing a troubling decline in the number of video subscribers, while broadband numbers steadily increase. TiVo ties over-the-top video into your current video offering and makes your subscribers happier.

Our partnership with Virgin Media is a good case in point. But we'd be glad to help you turn your metrics around as well, and in less time than you'd imagine. Contact TiVo today to see how we can help.

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Virgin Media on TiVo: Just the facts

  • TiVo customers’ net promoter score for customer satisfaction much higher than legacy product
  • 50% are watching more catch-up TV (VOD)
  • TiVo customers are 2x as likely to recommend Virgin Media to friends
  • 80% say TiVo gives them more freedom to watch TV when they want it
A good sign that MSOs which offer TiVo PVRs can take market share.
The TiVo rollout is progressing faster than anticipated, and Virgin's customers love it.
TiVo's offering has helped to drive new subscribers to Virgin Media.