Common questions

Must I own a TiVo to work at TiVo?

No. Although we think you’d enjoy using our products and services, you don’t have to be a customer of TiVo to work at TiVo. Of course, if you are hired at TiVo, we'll give you one! Every new employee receives a complimentary TiVo DVR at the time of hire. TiVo service is required and sold separately.

How does TiVo find talent?

We use multiple channels and tools to find the best-fitting folks for our teams. Here is a snapshot for our last fiscal year (ending January 31, 2012):

  • Employee referrals 39%
  • Job boards 29%
  • Conversions 12%
  • Agency 7%
  • Recruiter-sourced 7%
  • Jobs at TiVo 5%
  • Internal transfers 1%
Is there anyone at TiVo I might know who could refer me?

Each of the jobs posted include a LinkedIn "in" icon. When you click on it, it will show you those in your LinkedIn network who work here at TiVo.

What types of positions are available at TiVo?

While this varies from year to year, here is a snapshot from our last fiscal year (ending January 31, 2012):

  • Engineering: Software Platform, Service, Delivery, UI 33%
  • Manufacturing, Customer Support, IT 20%
  • Engineering: Hardware, QA, Program Management, Process 19%
  • Marketing, Sales, Product Management 12%
  • User Experience, Research, UI Design 8%
  • Finance, Legal, HR, Business Development 8%
What is the average tenure at TiVo?

Average length in engineering is 4.05 years and all other roles average 4.48 years. More stats about our staff can be found on our corporate profile page on Linkedin.

How can I let you know I’m interested in working at TiVo in the future?

While timing is a critical aspect to finding the right position fit, we have a solution! If you visit our "Alert" page, we can send you a note when a position that fits your interest opens up. Just let us know how to contact you, and we're happy to make it easy for you to hear from us!

Does TiVo have any part-time or contract positions?

We do. Part-time and contract opportunities are noted in our listings of open positions.

As an applicant or candidate, how will TiVo treat me?

There are a few items that shape our approach to considering applicants and engaging candidates:

  • Simplicity: Easy to navigate our jobs pages and find information about us and our openings.
  • Insight: Information shows who we are, how we get things done and where we’re going as a business.
  • Acknowledgement: An email confirmation that your application has been received in good order.
  • Visibility: Your application is visible to the recruiter and hiring manager for both the position you immediately applied to as well as possible future opportunities.
  • Responsiveness: We will review of your application within 2 calendar weeks.
  • Transparency: You can the status of your application by logging back into Jobvite at any time.

If you, as an applicant, find we've fallen short, please give us the opportunity to make things right by contacting us at Thanks!

What does TiVo do with my application information or forms collected?

TiVo retains all applications within our applicant tracking system. All physical forms are filed and kept in accordance with state and federal employment laws. We do use your information to market TiVo products or services.

What is the selection process like at TiVo?

While the timing and speed of being selected is affected by the number of responses, how close of a match your experience and skills are to the role and our environment, there are steps in the selection process common to all:

  1. A phone conversation with a TiVo recruiter.
  2. There may be a conference call with the hiring manager and/or a technical phone screen with the interview team member.
  3. A first round on-site interview with a cross-section of TiVo staff – typically 4-6 people.
  4. A second round on-site interview with more senior TiVo staff, including executives – typically 2-4 additional people.
  5. Background check, reference checks, and, if handling consumer credit information, a credit report check.
  6. A verbal offer is given and a 24-48 hour response time is usually expected.
  7. If the verbal offer is accepted, a written offer is produced for physical signatures.
  8. The transition period is wrapped up with on-boarding takes place before and on your first day at TiVo!

Special note: If you are not selected to proceed further once you have interviewed with us, your recruiter will contact you personally to communicate this news.

How can I check the status of my application?

You can check your status on the TiVo Jobs page by logging into Jobvite.

How long does it take receive a status update?
  • It may take our recruiters up to 2 calendar weeks to update your status by phone or email.
  • Should you not hear from us within this time frame, please contact us so we can make things right. Our email address is