Recruiting agents

    I want to submit a great resume to TiVo…

    Thanks, but if you don't have a signed, current recruiting agreement with TiVo AND your firm has not been assigned a search to submit a resume against, any submission will be the property of TiVo — free and clear.

    Does TiVo assign its searches to agencies?

    • TiVo determines if there is a need for your firm's specialization. Our staff meets weekly to discuss resources and needs.
    • Once we determine your firm is a good fit, you then ensure that a current and fully signed TiVo Recruiting Agency Agreement is in place.
    • We can then assign the search to your firm via a dedicated account in Jobvite.

    Does TiVo hire contract recruiters or work with contingent workforce (temp) agencies?

    Yes, on both counts. Please see the "How do I get TiVo to notice my firm?" for next steps.

    How do I get TiVo to notice my firm?

    We look for firms that specialize, rather than firms that recruit general talent. If you think your firm fits the bill, please contact us. Some questions we tend to ask include:

    • What were the top three job titles you placed over the last 12 months?
    • How many placements were made for each job title over the last 12 months?
    • How many placements did you have in the Bay Area versus outside the Bay Area?
    • Can you provide candidate and customer references that can attest to your firm's work and long-term success?

    The clearer the answers and the more specialization the answers demonstrate, the more likely TiVo will call on your firm when there is a need. Ready? Send your clear answers to: