Report a Lineup Issue

In order for us to investigate and correct your lineup issue, we will need to gather some information from you. You may need your cable or satellite bill as well as information about which channels are incorrect on your TiVo DVR.

I do not see my cable provider listed during Guided Setup.


Select the type of issue(s) you are having and complete the appropriate sections below. *

Incorrect Channels Example: On channel 4 the TiVo Live Guide displays ABC, but it should be NBC.
Missing Channels Example: Channel 5 is missing and it should be listed as PBS.
Program Descriptions are Incorrect Example: The TiVo Live Guide shows ER on Channel 2 at 8:00 PM on 12/01/04, but should show CSI.
Missing Provider Example: My cable provider is missing.

Source of information: Example: The URL to a webpage or portal with the lineup information.

Any other info that you have regarding this lineup change:

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A TiVo Lineup Specialist will work to correct your lineup issue. It is not necessary to contact TiVo Customer Support, we will contact you if further information is needed or if you need to repeat Guided Setup. Lineup changes are downloaded to the TiVo DVR automatically during a connection to the TiVo Service.