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TiVo Acquires TRA Inc. Providing Leading Platform for Improving TV Advertising Effectiveness

TiVo has announced the acquisition of TRA, Inc., creating a powerful combination of insights that offer the TV advertising industry Internet-level measurement and accountability. TRA matches television exposures from hundreds of thousands of cable TV homes with specific purchase transactions. Through this acquisition, TiVo Research and Analytics (TRA) will directly link information on what viewers watch with what they buy. Learn more

What happens in 2 minutes… or 2 seconds?

Want more accurately targeted media buys? Want to pinpoint ad engagement with real-time feedback from hundreds of thousands of viewers? TiVo's Stop||Watch and Power||Watch data equips advertisers with more precise TV and DVR advertising reporting than the industry's minute-by-minute commercial pod averages. As a result, programmers and advertisers can use the DVR as a proxy for engagement and get access to second-by-second measurement tools for analyzing viewership results.

Interactive online viewership reports are available so programmers and advertisers can completely understand commercial interaction (or avoidance) in these TV households.

Proprietary Stop||Watch reports include interactive cross tab, ranking reports and second-by-second spot-specific metrics for every nationally aired commercial on 110 networks. TiVo's Power||Watch adds customized demographic and behavioral data on TV viewers from a panel of more than 45,000 opted-in TiVo Households.

The best viewership tools on the planet

National Stop||Watch

  • 350k+ random anonymous sample
  • Second-by-second program and spot-specific metrics for more than 110 national networks
  • Live and time-shifted ratings ranging from 1 hour to 7 days
  • Weekly data delivery

National Power||Watch

  • Approaching 100,000 opted-in households
  • Demographic and household characteristics
  • Apply your own proprietary segmentation to the panel and track each segment’s unique viewing habits

Learn more at TiVo Stop||Watch

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" We've made a commitment to offer our advertisers better proof of performance and help ensure their marketing messages resonate in today's media environment. This partnership allows us to provide clients with products and solutions to help them analyze, understand and adapt to the new ways consumers are watching "

Mike Pilot,
President, NBC Universal
Sales and Marketing