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"TiVo Roamio is hands-down the best DVR for recording over-the-air TV...
The interface is excellent and intuitive, making it dead simple to record shows and series exactly the way you'd like."
"...the holy grail
of set-top boxes."
- Walt Mossberg
"A big step up for
cable TV subscribers."
"My favorite feature of TiVo remains universal search."
"It's the best TV viewing experience out there."
"...everything is ridiculously fast."
"'ll get more out of your expensive cable bill because you'll record and watch more interesting TV than before."
"Closer to an integrated TV solution than anything from Apple, Google, or Microsoft."
"...Apple TV has been my go-to Netflix device for years, but the Roamio is quickly taking over."
"This really could be your only box."
"...there isn't another product on the market that can do as much with as much flexibility as the Roamio."
"I asked my wife if the Roamio Pro was worth the pain of not having TV for three days.
'Yeah, it was worth it,' she said. 'There's no lag time.' Marriage, saved."
"...the TiVo Roamio Plus & Roamio Pro are worth the premium price."

"It's quick, easy to use, and you come to love the "ba-dunk" sound it makes when you press the fast-forward button."
"TiVo Roamio: more shows, more space, more search, more streaming."
"With the launch of its new "Roamio" DVR line, TiVo looks poised to appeal to a broad spectrum of consumers -- from high-end TV power users with money to burn, to cord-cutters that are looking to pair free, over-the-air broadcast TV with an array of over-the-top video sources."
"The box you've
been waiting for."
"For those fed up with their cable providers DVR, the Roamio is a convincing argument for dumping them once and for all."
"...the Roamio models are a polished and powerful way to watch TV, on the Net and off. TiVo, say it loud: You're a DVR, and you're proud."
"Overall, the iOS streaming and downloading features are a big, well-done deal...quality was impeccable."
"More tuners, more storage,
more expensive, more better."
- Walt Mossberg
"...the most exciting addition is built-in streaming."
"...TiVo is back."
"...the value of six tuners and plenty of space on a DVR can't be underestimated."
"Is it the best DVR ever released that works with ATSC and/or CableCARD? Absolutely."
"Far more than a set-top
recording device."
"...the high end of the product line puts cable's notion of TV Everywhere to shame."
"Everybody is calling this transformational."
"It's getting the most glowing reviews seen in years."
"Since the movie Avatar came out you haven't seen reviews like that."
"Whoever came up with the name Roamio, the way it's spelled, give that person a promotion."
"They say the TiVo engineers are among the brightest in the business."