How to stream music from your PC

Use the TiVo Desktop Plus software to stream your MP3 music library from your PC to your TiVo box.

To stream music from your PC, you'll first need to "publish" the music you want to hear. Publishing your music means making music files available over your home network to your TiVo box. Publishing does not copy music files to your TiVo box, so published music does not use any of your box's recording space.

This feature is available on:

  • TiVo Roamio (all models)
  • TiVo Premiere (all models)
  • TiVo HD (all models)
  • TiVo Series3
  • TiVo Series2
  • TiVo Mini

Publishing music with TiVo Desktop Plus

To publish a playlist or folder of music on your PC, follow the steps below.

Note: TiVo Desktop works with music in the MP3 format, and with playlists in the following formats used by common PC music players: M3U, PLS, ASX, and B4S.

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  1. Open TiVo Desktop and select "Share Music, Photos, & Video" on the left of the screen. .
  2. Click the "Music" tab (if it's not selected already). If your PC has a "My Music" (or equivalent) folder, it will be visible on the right side of the screen. This folder is automatically published.See it
  3. If your music folder is not listed, or to add music not located in "My Music," click "Add Music." Then navigate to the folder containing the music you want to publish. To publish a whole folder of music, select the folder and click "Add." To publish individual MP3 files, select them from the list on the right, then click "Add.""See it

Note: To un-publish music files, select the files you want to un-publish and click the "Remove" button. These files will no longer be accessible from your TiVo box, but they will remain on your computer.

Playing music on your TiVo box

To listen to music on the TiVo box:

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  1. From the TiVo Central screen, select "Music & Photos," then select the music on your PC. (Your selection will vary depending on how your computer is named.)See it
  2. You will see any playlists or folders that you have published. Highlight one and press PLAY. In a few seconds, music starts playing. After the first song ends, the second song in the playlist or folder begins.

Changing music play options

The "Music play options" screen lets you choose how music plays on your TiVo box.

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  1. Select the music you want to hear.
  2. Highlight "Play," then "Options," and then press SELECT.
    • Shuffle. When shuffle is on, the TiVo box plays songs in the selected playlist or folder in random order. When this option is off, the TIVo box plays songs in a folder alphabetically by file name, and songs in a playlist in the order shown on the screen.
    • Repeat. When repeat is on, the TiVo box plays songs in the selected playlist or folder repeatedly. You can choose to repeat all songs, or just one. When this option is turned off, the TiVo box plays the entire playlist or folder only once.
    • Include Subfolders. When this option is on, the TiVo box plays:
      • All the songs in the selected folder.
      • All the songs in other playlists or folders inside the selected folder.
      When "Include Subfolders" is turned off, the TiVo box does not automatically play songs in other playlists or folders within the selected folder.