Get more from your TiVo Premiere DVR

Make any night movie night

When you use your Premiere DVR to access your Netflix, Hulu Plus or Amazon Instant Video* account, you can enjoy thousands of movies and TV shows, right on your broadband-connected TiVo DVR!

Watch Video

Watch on-demand shows from Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu Plus.


To access video on demand on your TiVo Premiere DVR, go to TiVo Central > Find TV, Movies, & Videos.

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Access video on demand

The best of the web on the big screen

Browse and view YouTube videos from the comfort of your own couch with your broadband-connected TiVo Premiere DVR. Plus, you can pause, rewind, fast-forward and instant replay YouTube videos just as you would with any other video on your DVR. And, with the Opera TV App Store, you get access to hundreds of apps to explore and enjoy.

Watch Video

Watch videos from YouTube right on your TiVo Premiere DVR.

Access YouTube
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To access YouTube videos on your TiVo Premiere DVR, go to TiVo Central > Find TV, Movies, & Videos > YouTube.

Search by keyword, user or category to instantly find the videos you want to see.

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Turn the music up

The Premiere DVR is music to your ears. By combining Pandora, Spotify and your own personal music library, you’ll always have the tunes you want to hear at the touch of a button.

Watch Video

Stream music from Pandora to your TiVo Premiere DVR.


To access music on your TiVo Premiere DVR, go to TiVo Central > Music & Photos.

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Turn the music up

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*Amazon Instant Video only available with the High Definition (HD) user interface on TiVo Premiere.
Please click here for instructions on how to access the HD menu.