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TiVo Central

The starting point for the TiVo® Premiere experience is TiVo Central. Press the TiVo button on your remote once to get there. From here, you can go to My Shows to see everything your DVR has recorded; search and browse for something else to watch; see what’s scheduled to record on your To Do List; or manage your favorite Season Pass recordings.

Watch Video

Explore TiVo Central, use the TiVo remote, and browse the Guide.

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Your TiVo remote control

With your TiVo remote control in hand, you can now search, discover and explore a vast universe of entertainment—all in just few clicks.

Replay button

Press REPLAY to repeat the last 8 seconds of the show you’re watching. When rewinding, press to jump back to the previous tick mark. Press and hold to jump to the beginning of a show.

Color-coded A, B, C & D buttons

The new color-coded buttons on your TiVo remote give you quick and easy shortcuts to categorizing and organizing all the titles in your My Shows list. Just one more way we make it fast and easy to find what you want to watch.

Advance button

Move forward in 30-second increments while watching a show. While fast-forwarding or rewinding, press ADVANCE to jump to the next or previous tick mark on the status bar. Press and hold to jump to the end of the show.

Additional resources

Printable TiVo remote map

Record your shows

Premiere makes it easy to record all your favorite shows so they're waiting for you to watch. Set up single recordings, a Season Pass recording, or a WishList search.

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Schedule a recording or a Season Pass and create a WishList search.

record your shows
record your shows

Take the stress out of remembering to record each episode of your favorite TV series. Simply set up Season Pass recordings and your TiVo box will record your shows for you whenever they air.

Or, if you know what you like, but aren't sure when it's on, simply create a WishList search. Search by actor, director, keyword or category and every time a show matching your criteria airs, it's recorded.

Manage your recordings

TiVo Premiere allows you to manage your recordings from almost anywhere –through To-Do lists on your DVR, online at tivo.com and through the FREE TiVo App.

Manage your recordings online

Forget to schedule a recording? Don't panic. Just visit tivo.com from anywhere and search for shows, browse air times and channels, and schedule your desired recording online. It's like always having your TiVo box with you.

Manage your recordings online

The Season Pass manager on tivo.com allows you to reorder your list of Season Pass requests, delete individual Season Pass requests, or transfer Season Pass requests between TiVo DVRs from any computer with an Internet connection (perfect for copying Season Pass requests from an old DVR to your new DVR). To use this feature both DVRs must be connected to the Internet, you need a broadband connection, and a tivo.com account.

Manage your recordings with your mobile device

Manage your recordings with your mobile device

The free TiVo App for iPad, iPhone and Android devices lets you schedule and manage recordings, Season Pass® recordings and To-Do Lists. You can also instantly schedule, search and browse for shows while you’re away from home. If you have a Premiere series DVR and TiVo Stream (sold separately) you can use the app to watch live TV anywhere on your iOS device.

Don’t have a smartphone? No problem! You can still view current listings, browse and schedule a recording on the go with your BlackBerry®, Windows Phone or other mobile device using the Season Pass manager on TiVo.com. Learn more