Let's master the basics.

Grab your remote and hold on tight, because you’re in for a wild ride. Now that your BOLT is set up, feel the power and excitement of the world’s only Unified Entertainment System.


Complete control at your fingertips.

With your TiVo remote control in hand, you can search, discover and explore endless enter-tainment—all in just few clicks. Get a feel for our unique remote capabilities, like SkipMode™ and QuickMode™, to help you master your entertainment experience.


TiVo BOLT™ skips entire commercial breaks at the press of a button (the D button, to be exact) on certain recorded shows. A few minutes after a show has aired, you’ll see a Skip icon next to the show title in your My Shows folder when you’re able to skip commercials.When watching a Skip-eligible show, just press the D button during the commercial break and you’ll be back to enjoying your show instantly.


See how SkipMode has revolutionized TV.

What channels and times are eligible for SkipMode? See complete list.


QuickMode lets you watch recorded shows and sports 30% faster than normal speed—without the sound getting squirrely on you. It’s great for getting through the dull stuff without missing any of the action.When you’re watching a recorded show, turn QuickMode on by pressing “Play,” then pressing “Select” when the TrickPlay™ bar appears.


See how QuickMode let's you watch it all,
but faster.

The TiVo remote control does it all.

  • TiVo Button: Return to TiVo Central at any time to access recorded shows, streaming apps and more. Pressing this button twice will take you directly to your My Shows folder.
  • Back Button: Added as a universally recognized command to “go back,” which is especially useful when you’re using streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime.
  • Replay Button: Repeat the last eight seconds of the show you’re watching. When rewinding, press to jump back to the previous tick mark. Press and hold to jump to the beginning of a show.
  • Advance Button: Move forward in 30-second increments while watching a show. While fast-forwarding or rewinding, jump to the next or previous tick mark on the TrickPlay bar. Press and hold to jump to the end of the show.

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How to use SkipMode
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TiVo Central, your hub for entertainment.

Start your BOLT experience at TiVo Central® by pressing the silver TiVo button at the top of your remote. From here, access all your recordings, including any OnePass™ recordings you’ve set up. You can also access on demand content from XFINITY and Cox in select markets, or enjoy web entertainment from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO GO, YouTube, Pandora and more—plus manage everything you need to do on your TiVo BOLT. Go ahead and play around, you can always get back to live TV by pushing the Live TV button.


Find what you want to watch.

BOLT makes it easy to find the shows you want to watch, regardless if it’s on cable, Netflix, Amazon Prime or our other content partners.

TiVo Search

Find exactly what you want to watch whether it’s on TV or the web in one simple search. Just search for the show or actor you want and we’ll find it.

To use TiVo Search, go to TiVo Central > Find TV, Movies & Videos or use the TiVo app.


TiVo provides a 14-day programming guide that gives you the shows and when they air for all the channels you get. To see the guide, press Guide on the remote or use the TiVo App.

What to Watch Now

Here's where you go to see what's on TV right now. No more surfing channels—quickly review which shows, movies or sporting events are now playing.

To access What to Watch Now, go to TiVo Central > What to Watch Now, or use the TiVo app.

Discovery Bar

The Discovery Bar appears at the top of the screen when you are in TiVo Central. It will recommend shows based on what you like and have previously recorded.

TiVo Suggestions

TiVo Suggestions are based on our proprietary technology that finds and records shows we think you’ll like. The more times you use the “Thumbs Up” and “Thumbs Down” on the remote,
the more personalized your suggestions will be. TiVo Suggestions can be found in the My Shows
folder. Suggestions do not take up your hard drive space and can be turned off within Settings
in TiVo Central.

How to use TiVo Search
How to use the TiVo Guide
How to use the Discovery Bar
How to use TiVo Suggestions

Record it all and then some.

BOLT gives you a variety of ways to record your favorite shows, whether at home or on the road.

One-time recording

Record a single show or episode with the click of a button. Just select the show through our search tools, TiVo app, or press the “Record” button when the show is highlighted in the Guide.


Set up your OnePass to stream and record your favorite shows by season.


OnePass is the easiest way to watch every available episode of your favorite shows. OnePass tracks down every available episode from TV and the web and puts it into a folder for you to enjoy. OnePass recordings are highly customizable, so you can get the exact shows you want, when you want. Become a OnePass expert to learn everything you need to know.

To set up a OnePass just click on the show through our search tools, programming guide or through the TiVo app, and select “Create a OnePass”.


If you know what you want to watch, but aren't sure when it’s on, simply create a WishList search. Search by actor, director, keyword or category and every time a show matching your criteria airs, it's recorded.

Set up recordings from anywhere

Download the TiVo app for mobile devices to schedule a recording through your phone or tablet from anywhere.


Compatible with iPad/iPhone. Requires iOS 7.0 or later

Learn more

Compatible with non-Intel or AMD chipset Android devices. Requires Android 4.1 or later

Learn more
Set up recordings through your laptop

Check out TiVo Online on TiVo.com and schedule recordings through your laptop. Go to online.tivo.com


Setting up recordings is even easier with OnePass Quick Select. 

With TiVo’s OnePass Quick Select, schedule all your favorite OnePass shows with a single click. Quick Select gives you a quick view of the most popular shows on TV and lets you create a OnePass recording for multiple shows on one screen.
Check it out at TiVo Online under “Manage”.


Transfer single recordings, OnePasses and Season Passes
from your old DVR.

Transfer OnePasses and Season Passes

Go to the "Manage" section at online.tivo.com to transfer your OnePass/Season Passes. Simply select the OnePass/Season Passes you want to transfer from your old DVR and drag them to the TiVo BOLT column on your computer screen. All your OnePass/Season Passes will be available on your new box so you won't miss any of your favorite shows. This feature is available on TiVo® Series3/HD, TiVo Premiere, TiVo Roamio and TiVo BOLT.

NOTE: TiVo Series2 boxes can create new OnePasses easily using OnePass Quick Select (see above).

Transfer recordings from one TiVo box to another.

Transfer recordings between your TiVo boxes by visiting TiVo Online. Go to online.tivo.com and select "Manage". From there, you can select single recordings, multiple recordings, or all recordings to transfer from one TiVo box to another. You'll see a confirmation screen when your recordings are being transferred. This features is available on TiVo® Series3/HD, Primiere, Roamio and TiVo BOLT. Recordings cannot be transferred to TiVo Series3/HD boxes.

- Indicates that the shows
can't be transferred.

- Indicates that the item is
currently being recorded
and cannot be transferred.

NOTE: When transferring recordings between TiVo boxes, If you run out of storage space on the receiving DVR, then the oldest recorded shows on that DVR will be deleted to make room for the shows you're currently transferring.

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