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The all-new TiVo Roamio DVR.

Experience the best of TV and the
web with the one box that does it all.

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See what makes TiVo Roamio the world's best DVR

Cable and web entertainment, together at last.

The TiVo Roamio DVR is the most advanced and innovative DVR ever built. It brings the best entertainment from cable and the web together in one place, with one remote and one simple search across everything. The result? An extraordinary TV-watching experience that only TiVo can deliver.

Keep your cable service, but return your cable box*. With the money you save each month, replace it with TiVo Roamio, the one box that does it all.

Watch live TV anywhere.

Roamio Plus and Pro let you stream live or recorded shows and sporting events on your iOS or Android devices from anywhere. Or, easily download your shows remotely onto your iOS devices to liven up your flight home or subway commute.

Four-tuner Roamio requires TiVo® Stream (sold separately).

It's so much more than a DVR

100,000 movies & shows

The world's largest video store with over 100,000 movies and TV shows, from Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu Plus™**

Millions of videos & songs

Millions of videos from YouTube and millions of songs from Pandora® and Rhapsody®**

Collections of Oscar films

TiVo offers collections of programs you can't find on a cable box, like Oscar nominees, Emmy Award-winning TV, or Golden Globe and Sundance winners.

* CableCARD required for receipt of digital cable service. Additional fees may apply. ** Broadband connection required for receipt of third-party content. Additional fees may apply.

Experience TiVo Roamio

Thousands of movies, unmatched selection

Roamio opens the world's largest video store in your living room with over 100,000 movies and shows from Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu Plus™.

TiVo Roamio DVR features

  • Control live or recorded TV with pause, rewind (3 speeds), fast-forward (3 speeds), slow-mo, instant replay and 30-second skip
  • Watch your shows anytime, anywhere on your mobile device***
  • 6 tuners that allow you to record six shows at once while watching a previously recorded seventh
  • Records up to 450 hours of HD programming
  • Search cable and web entertainment simultaneously
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Watch your shows wherever you go.

  • Watch live or recorded shows on your mobile device*** anywhere you're connected by WiFi
  • Download recorded shows remotely anywhere you have a WiFi or 4G/LTE connection
  • Stream live or recorded shows on up to four devices at once when you're connected to your home network
  • Download recorded shows at home and take them with you on the road

TiVo on your mobile device

  • The FREE TiVo® App for iPad, iPhone, and Android lets you search, browse, discover and share without ever interrupting what you're watching
  • Schedule recordings remotely on the web or your mobile device
  • Transfer recordings to your laptop, iPod, iPhone, PSP, or other mobile device (TiVo Desktop Plus required and sold separately)**
  • Watch live or recorded shows anywhere around the house, or download your favorites and take them on the road with your iOS device (4-tuner Roamio requires TiVo® Stream)

Movies, music & more

  • Watch movies & TV shows from TiVo online partners like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus*
  • Stream music from Pandora® and Spotify
  • Watch the hottest YouTube™ sensations on the biggest screen in your house
  • Catch every inning of every game with MLB.TV Premium

Intuitive, easy-to-use interface

  • HD user interface for optimized search and discovery
  • TiVo Search lets you search for shows by title, actor, category or keyword. Search by show and movie titles or by descriptions
  • WishList® searches allow you to search by actor, director, keyword or category; every time a show matching your criteria airs, it's recorded
  • Use Season Pass® recordings to schedule every episode of your favorite shows

How TiVo Roamio works

TiVo Roamio works with cable or antenna.

Satellite is not supported, but you can get a TiVo DVR from DIRECTV.
4-tuner Roamios work with digital cable and HD antenna.
6-tuner Roamios work with digital cable.

The TiVo Roamio DVR replaces your cable box.

The TiVo Roamio DVR replaces your cable box, but you still keep your cable service. It plugs directly into your cable service to deliver your cable TV programming.

Or call (877) 289-8486

TiVo Roamio works
with a CableCARD

Roamio requires a single CableCARD™ from your cable company.* The cableCARD acts as a replacement for your cable box. Just insert it into the back of your TiVo DVR.

Connect your TiVo DVR
to your home network

With high-speed Internet (WiFi adapter built in), you can enjoy Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Pandora and more on your TiVo Roamio.

Set up your TiVo Roamio in 4 steps

Connect your TiVo Roamio to your TV.

Watch our setup video.

    We recommend using an HDMI cable for an optimal HD experience (not included)

Connect your TiVo Roamio to your cable TV source.

  • Connect your cable company's coax cable into the back of your TiVo Roamio
  • Insert the CableCARD™ decoder supplied by your cable company into the back of your TiVo Roamio

Connect your TiVo Roamio to the Internet.

Connect via the built-in WiFi adapter, via an Ethernet cable or MoCA

Plug in and power up your TiVo Roamio!

You will be taken through a guided setup process on your TV

Complete product details

*CableCARD required for digital cable service. Additional fees may apply from your cable provider.

"Get TiVo. Just do it."

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"There are exactly three companies in this world that are truly great at interface design — Apple, Google, and TiVo. In fact, using and navigating TiVo is a little like playing with an iPhone or checking Gmail — the act is simply a pleasure. Other DVRs are frustrating and clunky; TiVo is elegant and smart. And it does everything: It handles Netflix Instant, and Amazon Instant Video: lets you surf videos from sites like YouTube; acts as your cable box and pulls in over-the-air signals; hosts and streams music. Even the sounds TiVo makes are satisfying to the soul (bloop-bloop!). There are few products you can truly love. TiVo is one of them."

- Robert Capps, WIRED magazine

Wired magazine, Aug. 2010

See what our customers are saying

  The best DVR on the market. Period.
- Lisa L.

I have been a TiVo user since the beginning, this is our 4th or 5th TiVo, and I liked the features offered on the Roamio – most importantly the ability to record 6 shows at once and the amount of storage offered. Once you have used the TiVo menus and functionality, no standard cable DVR comes close. I use it to access Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon all the time.

- Stephanie M.

I love our Roamio plus! It is cheaper than a cable dvr in the long run and you can record 6 shows at once. My husband and I don't have to worry that our shows will conflict. I love that it recommends shows and that I can schedule them anywhere online. I also love that it can connect to Xfinity On Demand, so we don't miss out on those features included with our cable. I love the connection to Netflix and Hulu right from the TiVo.

- Joe-eleen

Love the speed of the new Series 5 TiVo! Truly an all in one box! You guys knocked this one out of the park. Great job TiVo!

- falken

I have been a TiVo user since 2000. The Roamio is a product that I fell in love with as much as the first time I plugged in my first TiVo in 2000 and tried to explain to all my friends what a TiVo was and what it could do. 6 Tuners, 3TB, Whole Home Solution w/ use of TiVo Mini and built in MOCA, Speed, online apps such as Netflix and Amazon. There is no cable company that has a DVR that comes close to what you get with TiVo and long term TiVo is usually ends up saving you money. Once you use the Roamio nothing could ever get you to give it up. It has been a long time since i have truly been excited over a new electronic device. Opening the box was almost as exciting as opening my Commodore 64 when I was a kid.

"...the holy grail
of set-top boxes."
- Walt Mossberg
"A big step up for
cable TV subscribers."
"My favorite feature of TiVo remains universal search."
"It's the best TV viewing experience out there."
"The box you've
been waiting for."
"For those fed up with their cable providers DVR, the Roamio is a convincing argument for dumping them once and for all."
"...the Roamio models are a polished and powerful way to watch TV, on the Net and off. TiVo, say it loud: You're a DVR, and you're proud."
"Overall, the iOS streaming and downloading features are a big, well-done deal...quality was impeccable."
"...everything is ridiculously fast."
"'ll get more out of your expensive cable bill because you'll record and watch more interesting TV than before."
"Closer to an integrated TV solution than anything from Apple, Google, or Microsoft."
"...Apple TV has been my go-to Netflix device for years, but the Roamio is quickly taking over."
"This really could be your only box."
"...there isn't another product on the market that can do as much with as much flexibility as the Roamio."
"I asked my wife if the Roamio Pro was worth the pain of not having TV for three days.
'Yeah, it was worth it,' she said. 'There's no lag time.' Marriage, saved."
"...the TiVo Roamio Plus & Roamio Pro are worth the premium price."

"It's quick, easy to use, and you come to love the "ba-dunk" sound it makes when you press the fast-forward button."
"TiVo Roamio: more shows, more space, more search, more streaming."
"With the launch of its new "Roamio" DVR line, TiVo looks poised to appeal to a broad spectrum of consumers -- from high-end TV power users with money to burn, to cord-cutters that are looking to pair free, over-the-air broadcast TV with an array of over-the-top video sources."
"More tuners, more storage,
more expensive, more better."
- Walt Mossberg
"...the most exciting addition is built-in streaming."
"...TiVo is back."
"...the value of six tuners and plenty of space on a DVR can't be underestimated."
"Is it the best DVR ever released that works with ATSC and/or CableCARD? Absolutely."
"Far more than a set-top
recording device."
"...the high end of the product line puts cable's notion of TV Everywhere to shame."
"Everybody is calling this transformational."
"It's getting the most glowing reviews seen in years."
"Since the movie Avatar came out you haven't seen reviews like that."
"Whoever came up with the name Roamio, the way it's spelled, give that person a promotion."
"They say the TiVo engineers are among the brightest in the business."

Step up to the all-powerful TiVo Roamio.

Here's the perfect opportunity to make the leap to the biggest, most versatile DVR ever created, the award-winning TiVo Roamio. Record up to six shows at once and 450 hours of HD programming, all while enjoying Roamio's faster, more intuitive user interface. Best of all, watch live or recorded shows on your mobile device** anywhere around the house or around the world*. No other DVR comes close.

Choose your TiVo Roamio DVR

Compare TiVo Roamio DVRs

$19999 TiVo Roamio DVR plus service

  • Record 4 shows at once
  • Up to 75 hours of HD recording capacity
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Works with TiVo® Stream (sold separately)*
  • Works with digital cable or HD antenna
Complete product details

$39999 Roamio Plus DVR plus service

  • Record 6 shows at once
  • Up to 150 hours of HD recording capacity
  • Built-in streaming to iOS devices
  • Built-in WiFi and MoCA adapter
  • Works with digital cable
Complete product details

$59999Roamio Pro DVR plus service

  • Record 6 shows at once
  • Up to 450 hours of HD recording capacity
  • Built-in streaming to iOS devices
  • Built-in WiFi and MoCA adapter
  • Works with digital cable
Complete product details

Choose your TiVo DVR service plan

Why do I need a service plan?

1-year commitment; month-to-month thereafter.
$12.99/mo for existing customers qualifying for TiVo's  multi-service discount
(credited at final checkout)

Make one payment a year—averages out to just $12.50 a month!
$129.99/yr for existing customers qualifying for TiVo's  multi-service discount
(credited at final checkout)

Pay once for the life of your DVR!
$399.99 for existing customers qualifying for TiVo's  multi-service discount
(credited at final checkout)

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Add accessories & check out

TiVo Mini with service $14999 Details
TiVo Stream $12999 (4-tuner Roamio DVRs only) Details
MoCA Network Adapter $4999 Details
HDMI Cable $1999 Details

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When you buy online, your TiVo DVR will ship with TiVo service pre-activated. Simply skip the activation step during set up. We've already activated service for you.

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The advantages of owning a TiVo DVR.

Owning a TiVo DVR lets you say goodbye to monthly cable box rental fees. If you move, your TiVo DVR and all its programming and recorded shows go with you. And if you upgrade in a few years, you can gift it to friend or family member, use it in another room, or sell it!

30-day, money-back guarantee

Try a TiVo DVR for 30 days. If you don't absolutely love it, you'll get a full refund. Return shipping not included.  Details

Free shipping

Free shipping offer applies to TiVo DVRs ordered directly from TiVo. Free shipping is via ground (standard) delivery.   Details

Limited warranty included

The TiVo DVR limited warranty comes included with the purchase of your DVR.   Details