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The Cable Catch

Clear picture. Lots of channels. Local news and regional sports. There’s a reason you have digital cable. There’s also a lot about cable that could be better.


Limited support for online streaming services makes the good stuff hard to find. Most systems aren’t 4K Ultra HD-compatible, meaning you probably need another streaming device as well. Switching inputs, juggling remotes and monthly rental fees for obsolete set-top boxes. Ugly, ineffective guides that are nearly impossible to navigate, recommending shows and movies not even your Aunt Edna would watch. And commercials – lots of commercials. Nobody likes commercials.


A better way

TiVo changes all that. We’ve never stopped making TV watching the best it can be. We bring your shows, movies and sports together in a 4K Ultra HD-capable box and make them easy to find with a voice-controlled high-performance user experience.



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You Say it. TiVo finds it. You watch it


Our new VOXTM series with voice control gives you the power to watch what you want by saying what you want. Awesome TiVo exclusives like OneSearch™ and OnePass™ gets you to your favorites, faster.  SkipMode® lets you skip commercials with just the push of a button.




TiVo replaces your cable box


Best of all, you're not paying cable company rental fees for equipment that went out of style with the flip phone. With TiVo, you're getting advanced set-top box technology and constantly improving software. And, because you own your box, TiVo saves you money in the long run.

TiVo’s Got Your Back

Getting Tivo in your home isn't hard, especially when you follow these simple steps.



Get a CableCARD


Call your cable company and triumphantly tell them they can take their box back. Then, ask them for a CableCARD™ instead. About the size of a credit card, a CableCARD plugs into your TiVo box so you can unlock your digital cable channels. Some cable companies offer CableCARDs to their subscribers for free, others may charge a nominal monthly fee – usually a few dollars per month.


Install the CableCARD


On the bottom of the BOLT, press the two tabs and remove the cover to access the CableCARD connector. Slide the CableCARD into the grooved slot and replace the cover. If you would rather not attempt this yourself, most cable companies will come out and install the CableCARD for you.


Guided Setup


Plug in your TiVo box, and follow the on-screen setup instructions. During the setup process, you will be prompted to call your cable company with a set of numbers that allow them to activate your CableCARD. After approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on how much coffee your cable company's customer service person has had, you and your TV will be ready to enjoy TiVo's ultimate entertainment experience.

Some cable companies may try to get you to keep renting their cable boxes. They might not be so excited with your new-found TiVo freedom. If they give you a hard time, just call our tech support team at 1-877-367-8486. We've got your back and will help you get set up ASAP.

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Let's do this


Looking to take your TV watching to the next level? The TiVo BOLT VOX™ gets you there. The all-in-one, 4K Ultra HD-ready, voice-controlled Unified Entertainment System learns what you like, so you spend more time watching and less time searching. If you’re ready for the ultimate entertainment experience, you’re ready for TiVo. 

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