Explore the Opera TV Store


Check out the Opera TV store, where you’ll find hundreds of apps for you to explore and enjoy on your TiVo box.

This feature is available on:

  • TiVo BOLT®(all models)
  • TiVo Roamio®(all models)
  • TiVo Premiere (all models)
  • TiVo Mini

Using the Opera TV store

With hundreds of apps ready to enjoy, your only problem will be deciding which one to explore first.

  1. On your TiVo box, go to TiVo Central.
  2. Select 'Apps & Games' > 'Opera TV Store.' See it
  3. You’ll see popular apps from all categories. From here, you can: See it
    • Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrows on your remote control to move around the grid, then press SELECT to view more information about an app
    • Press the UP arrow to move to the list of categories across the top of your screen. Press SELECT on any app or category.
    • Search for a particular app. Just press the UP and LEFT/RIGHT arrows until “SEARCH” is highlighted, and press SELECT. Use the letter grid to enter the first few letters of the app you want to find, then select the app that best matches your search.
  4. Select an app. You can choose to open it, or you can add it to “My Apps” – your favorite apps list – to open later. See it
  5. Enjoy!