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Link to this show

If you publish Web content on your own site, "Link to this show" is for you! You can use the unique URLs below to let your readers learn more about the show or episode on, complete with local channels and air time. If your readers have an account on and a TiVo DVR, they can quickly schedule it to record!

How does it work?

Depending on whether you want "link to this program", "link to this episode," or "link to this search", copy and paste the corresponding URL into your Web page. Once the URL is in place, it will act as a shortcut to the chosen search. That way, all TiVo subscribers with a TiVo Central Online account will be able to automatically generate their own unique search results for their own channel line-up and time zone.

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Zula Patrol

Link to this program:|programsearch|tivo:cl.54902136