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Scientists search for the truth behind reports of legendary monsters around the world. 

Stan Bernard (Narrator)

05:00 PM
"Piranha Invasion"  Investigating whether South American piranhas appearing in U.S. lakes and rivers are adapting, can breed and cause devastation.  (Repeat) H2
04:00 AM
"Bigfoot"  An all-female expedition journeys to Washington state hoping to lure a Bigfoot within range of their cameras; scientists study Bigfoot evidence, including 1967 film footage.  (Repeat) H2

The series takes a scientific look at creature sightings around the world, with episodes devoted to the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, werewolves and even a Stalinist attempt to breed a race of supersoldiers by cross-breeding humans and apes. The show is described as one-part history, one-part science and one-part, well, monsters.

Current cast
Stan Bernard

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