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Chasing Classic Cars

Wayne Carini scours the country searching for classic cars to restore and auction. 

Wayne Carini (Host)

12:00 PM
"Here Comes the Judge"  Wayne and a client fly south to the Milton Robson muscle car auction.  (Repeat) VEL
12:30 PM
"It's All About the Chase"  Wayne opens hundreds of garage doors before he finds a hidden treasure.  (Repeat) VEL
01:00 PM
"Porsches, Porsches, Porsches!"  Wayne buys one of the first Porsche 911s to be imported into the U.S.  (Repeat) VEL
01:30 PM
"Ferrari 375MM Barn Find"  Wayne is thrilled when a Ferrari 375 MM and a rare motorcycle collection quietly come up for private sale.  (Repeat) VEL
02:00 PM
"Bimbo Racer"  The Bimbo is powered by a 12-volt battery and is marketed as a real car "for pre-teen men and women."  (Repeat) VEL
02:30 PM
"Chevy"  A widow is looking to sell her husband's 1960 Chevy Impala.  (Repeat) VEL
03:00 PM
"Muntz Jet"  Wayne puts the Muntz up for sale at the prestigious Bonhams auction in Carmel Valley, Calif.  (Repeat) VEL
03:30 PM
"The Lemons Are Coming!"  Wayne visits a car show devoted to the oddball, mundane and truly awful of the automotive world.  (Repeat) VEL
06:00 AM
"A King in Queens"  Wayne helps two car lovers part with a 1962 Triumph TR4 racecar and a 1963 250 GTL Ferrari Lusso.  (Repeat) VEL
06:30 AM
"Double VW"  After forty years Wayne learns that cute sells.  (Repeat) VEL
Chasing Classic Cars

Wayne Carini chases cars for a living. Not literally, but if a vehicle were an iconic Mercedes Gullwing or a luxurious Maserati Ghibli, for instance, and Carini saw it in motion, it's a sure bet he would get himself in gear and run after it. That's how much this man loves classic cars, a passion that Velocity has captured for this series since 2008. Known as a ``collector car archaeologist,'' Carini leads viewers into the business of locating high-end automobiles stashed in homes, garages and barns in the U.S. and abroad. When he finds a gem, Carini negotiates to buy it, then resells at auction or privately. Along the way he talks shop with respected collectors, restorers and artisans.

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Wayne Carini

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