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Four Weddings

Brides compare their big days to those of other brides. 

12:00 PM
"... And a Moustache"  Guests are greeted by a tortoise; guests cheer on costumed Greek dancers; dressed in bling and blue; a moustache cut-out.  (Repeat) TLC
01:00 PM
"... And Halted Vows"  Walking a red carpet aisle; drama with a snow machine and rolling fog; a scavenger hunt and a Jersey Shore ballroom with upgraded lighting.  (Repeat) TLC
Four Weddings

Every bride hopes her big day is spectacular and she works hard to make it the best possible wedding ever. This series gives women the chance to see how their weddings stack up -- against those of other brides. Each episode follows four brides as they plan their own weddings and attend each others' nuptials. At the end, they must vote on which wedding takes the cake. The winning bride and groom will be whisked off on a dream honeymoon.

Current cast
Alana Aldridge as herself
Tracy Allessendro as herself
Melanie Boorman as herself
Sarah Boyle as herself
Donna Christie as herself
Alison Cleverley as herself

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