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Hawaii Five-0

An elite task force works to wipe out crime on the beaches of the 50th state. 

Alex O'loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel dae Kim, Grace Park, Masi Oka, Chi Mcbride, Jorge Garcia, Michelle Borth, Lauren German, Taryn Manning

Manoa strings (Musical Guest), Cradle Grave (Musical Guest), Peter Lenkov (Executive Producer), Alex Kurtzman (Executive Producer), Roberto Orci (Executive Producer), David Wolkove (Writer), James Wilcox (Director), Peter Lenkov (Writer), Peter Tassler (Writer), Moira Kirland (Writer), Eric Guggenheim (Writer), Maja Vrvilo (Director), Steven Lilien (Writer), Bryan Wynbrandt (Writer), Jerry Levine (Director), Ken Solarz (Writer), Larry Teng (Director), Lorenzo Manetti (Writer), Daniel dae Kim (Director), John Dove (Writer), Akeba Lynn (Writer), Joe Dante (Director), Kenny Kyle (Writer), Allison Liddi-brown (Director), Travis Donnelly (Writer), Peter Weller (Director), Sarah Byrd (Writer), Brad Tanenbaum (Director), Jeffrey Hunt (Director), Sylvain White (Director), Sue Palmer (Writer), Bryan Spicer (Director), Peter Weller (Writer), Peter Lenkov (Director), Ken Solarz (Director), Sarah Boyd (Writer), Jeff Cadiente (Director), Christina Kim (Writer), Bill Haynes (Writer), Jena Hunt (Director), Moira Kirkland (Writer), Bill Hayes (Writer), Noah Nelson (Writer), Bradley Paul (Writer), John Terlesky (Director), Duane Clark (Director), Steve Boyum (Director), Kyle Harimoto (Writer), Richard Arthur (Writer), Stephanie Sengupta (Writer), Michael Reisz (Writer), Al Septien (Writer), Turi Meyer (Writer), Mike Schaub (Writer), Steve Cwik (Writer), Michele Fazekas (Writer), Tara Butters (Writer), Eric Laneuville (Director), Gwyneth Horder-payton (Director), Joe Halpin (Writer), Courtney Kemp agboh (Writer), Christine Moore (Director), Fred Toye (Director), Elwood Reid (Writer), Paul Zbyszewski (Writer), Lisa Schultz (Writer), Bill Nuss (Writer), Jeff Thomas (Director), Melissa Glenn (Writer), Jessica Rieder (Writer), Paul Edwards (Director), Kate Woods (Director), Brad Turner (Director), Shane Salerno (Writer), J.r. Orci (Writer), Matt earl Beesley (Director), Carol Barbee (Writer), Chris Fisher (Director), Nicole Ranadive (Writer), Sarah Goldfinger (Writer), Elodie Keene (Director), Jim Galasso (Writer), James Whitmore jr. (Director), Alex Kurtzman (Writer), Roberto Orci (Writer), Alex Zakrzewski (Director), Len Wiseman (Director)

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Hawaii Five-0 (2010)

CBS books a new version of the classic ``Hawaii Five-0'' series, with Alex O'Loughlin in the lead role as Det. Steve McGarrett and Scott Caan portraying Danno. The detectives are part of an elite task force whose mission is to eliminate crime on the beaches of the Aloha State. Assisting McGarrett and Danno is former Honolulu Police detective Chin Ho Kelly, who has been relegated to a federal security patrol after being wrongfully accused of corruption. Chin's fresh-out-of-the-academy cousin, Kono, also joins the team as she tries to establish herself among the department's elite.

Current cast
Alex O'loughlin as Steve McGarrett
Scott Caan as Danny ``Danno'' Williams
Daniel dae Kim as Chin Ho Kelly
Grace Park as Kono Kalakaua
Masi Oka as Dr. Max Bergman
Chi Mcbride as Captain Lou Grover
Jorge Garcia as Jerry Ortega

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