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Long Island Medium

Theresa Caputo, an average mom from Long Island, N.Y., talks to the dead. 

03:00 PM
"Getting the Band Back Together"  Theresa's old folk group gets back together to perform for the first time in 30 years; reconnecting a man with his mother who died tragically.  (Repeat) TLC
03:30 PM
"Don't Give Up Your Day Job"  After a trip to the barbershop with Larry, Theresa decides to enroll in beauty school; connecting a woman with her son.  (Repeat) TLC
04:00 PM
"On the Road: Texas"  Theresa and Larry take a trip to Texas; big surprises and big moments as Theresa surprises fans with readings.  (Repeat) TLC
05:00 PM
"Coach Theresa"  Theresa and Larry dine where they ate every day while dating, but their lunch is interrupted by a spirit; helping a woman let go of the anger she has about her brother's death.  (Repeat) TLC
05:30 PM
"Spirit Roll"  The house where Theresa first saw spirit; surprising a firefighter with a reading; Theresa and Larry take a sushi class.  (Repeat) TLC
06:00 PM
"Return to Jail"  Theresa returns to the facility she visited last year to do a reading for a group of female inmates, only this time she is reading a group of male inmates.  (Repeat) TLC
06:30 PM
"Roller Rink Romance"  Theresa and Larry have never been roller skating together; connecting a devastated woman with her husband; surprising a woman in Long Island with a reading.  (Repeat) TLC
07:00 PM
"When a Bedroom Door Closes, a Closet Door Opens"  After Larry Jr moves out Theresa gives his old bedroom a makeover; surprising a pregnant woman with a reading.  (Repeat) TLC
07:30 PM
"Behind the Scenes of Knock & Shock"  Revealing what it took to pull off the first live Knock and Shock; never before seen footage of the reading.  (Repeat) TLC
08:00 PM
"Never Before Seen"  Taking a look at readings that have never been seen before; reconnecting a couple with their young daughter whose life was cut short; bringing closure to a man whose father died.  (Repeat) TLC
Long Island Medium

Theresa Caputo lives in the real world, but she spends most of her time with spirits. Caputo is an average mom from Long Island, N.Y., in every way except one: she talks to the dead. This series chronicles the work Theresa does each day as she helps her varied clients find closure and connect with loved ones who have passed. She conducts both private and group readings and deals with skeptics as well as believers. At home, husband Larry and kids Victoria and Larry accept the work she does, although they don't always love it. In the Caputo house, dad and kids think the spirits always come first, but for Theresa there is no escaping her gift.

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Theresa Caputo

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