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Doll & Em

An actress hires her childhood friend as her personal assistant. 

Emily Mortimer, Dolly Wells

Andrew Eaton (Executive Producer), Lucy Lumsden (Executive Producer), Alessandro Nivola (Producer), Azazel Jacobs (Director), Emily Mortimer (Writer), Dolly Wells (Writer), Azazel Jacobs (Writer)

05:00 PM
Doll & Em Em undergoes prosthetic makeup to make her look older; Andy Garcia visits the set to talk to Doll; Doll plans to screen test for a role that Em failed to land; Doll and Em have an emotional confrontation.  (Repeat) HBOSIG
05:25 PM
Doll & Em Em has an unsettling encounter with Doll; Em discovers that Doll is acting in a local performance and decides to attend.  (Repeat) HBOSIG
Doll & Em

Best friends Emily Mortimer (``The Newsroom,'' ``Shutter Island'') and Dolly Wells (``Bridget Jones's Diary'') star in this six-episode, self-improvised comedy series as, well, best friends whose longtime relationship experiences unexpected complications and surprising twists against the backdrop of a Hollywood film shoot. Actress Em needs a personal assistant to help her through her biggest film role yet, so who better to hire than Doll, her childhood pal who is welcoming a change of pace after her love life crumbles? But when the job becomes more taxing than intended -- blurring the line between their personal and professional relationships -- Doll and Em start to see cracks in their once-unbreakable bond.

Current cast
Emily Mortimer as Em
Dolly Wells as Doll

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