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11:15 AM
"Favors"  Betty makes plans for Sally's future; Peggy faces trouble at home; Don and Roger discuss strategy for a big client.  (Repeat) AMC
12:20 PM
"The Quality of Mercy"  The partners cannot agree on a new campaign; Don takes a day off; Ken goes hunting with a client; Megan speculates.  (Repeat) AMC
01:25 PM
"In Care Of"  Roger denies financial backing to his daughter, Margaret, and her husband; Margaret tells Roger not to come to Thanksgiving.  (Repeat) AMC
02:30 PM
"Time Zones"  Don makes a friend; Joan has drinks with a client; Roger receives a perplexing phone call; Peggy hears new work.  (Repeat) AMC
03:34 PM
"A Day's Work"  Peggy gets flowers at the office; Pete wades through new business politics; Joan faces an awkward situation.  (Repeat) AMC
04:38 PM
"Field Trip"  Don takes an unexpected trip; Betty dines with a friend; Harry promotes a cause; the partners consider an asset.  (Repeat) AMC
05:42 PM
"The Monolith"  Sterling Cooper & Partners prepares for a guest; Don contacts an old friend; Roger deals with problems at home; Peggy is underestimated.  (Repeat) AMC
06:46 PM
"The Runaways"  Don receives a visitor from his past; Stan embarrasses a superior; Ginsberg gets help from Peggy with a problem; Harry finds a new ally.  (Repeat) AMC
07:50 PM
"The Strategy"  Peggy collects research for a pitch; Pete receives an invitation to an exclusive club; Joan is eager to spend time with her friend.  (Repeat) AMC
08:55 PM
"Waterloo"  Don is troubled by a letter; Peggy may seek a new future on a risky venture; Roger receives a phone call; Pete and Cutler butt heads.  (Repeat) AMC
Mad Men

In 1960s New York, alpha male Don Draper struggles to stay on top of the heap in the high-pressure world of Madison Avenue advertising firms. Aside from being one of the top ad men in the business, Don is also a family man, the father of young children.

Current cast
Jon Hamm as Don Draper
John Slattery as Roger Sterling
Vincent Kartheiser as Pete Campbell
January Jones as Betty Draper
Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway
Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olson
Robert Morse as Bertram Cooper
Rich Sommer as Harry Crane
Aaron Staton as Ken Cosgrove
Kiernan Shipka as Sally Draper

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