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Behind the scenes of the Big Apple Circus. 

Maro Chermayeff (Executive Producer), Jeff Dupre (Executive Producer)

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The lights go up on the Big Apple Circus for an unprecedented look at a distinctive world, from the excitement inside the big top to the personal drama at the ``back lot,'' where the real heart of the circus beats. The series highlights the physical demands of performing and living on the road for 10 straight months, confined with 150 other people of varying belief systems and nationalities. It also provides an exclusive look at breathtaking performances such as the Flying Cortes trapeze troupe, tightrope walker Sarah Schwarz and the Russian barre act the Rodion Troupe. And ``Circus'' profiles a host of Big Apple family members and their stories, including founder Paul Binder, who announces his departure after 30 years; twins Marty and Jake LaSalle, lifelong juggling partners who debate whether to keep their act together or part ways professionally; and Glen Heroy, a new clown trying to get established while dealing with a haunted past.

Maro Chermayeff (Executive Producer) , Jeff Dupre (Executive Producer)

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