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Fred: The Show

The adventures of teenager Fred Figglehorn and his friends. 

Lucas Cruikshank, Daniella Monet, Jake Weary, Siobhan Fallon hogan

Lucas Cruikshank (Executive Producer), Brian Robbins (Executive Producer), Sharla Sumpter-bridgett (Executive Producer), Gary Binkow (Executive Producer), Evan Weiss (Executive Producer)

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Fred: The Show

Fred Figglehorn is a character that was created by (and played by) teenager Lucas Cruikshank, became a viral sensation on the Internet and eventually was the centerpiece of two made-for-TV movies on Nickelodeon. Now, Fred has his own show on Nick, appropriately titled ``Fred: The Show.'' Every day is an adventure, both at home and at school, for Fred. As he tries to traverse teenage life, Fred is apt to cause mayhem -- it wouldn't be an adventure without mayhem, right? Bertha is Fred's best friend, his trusty sidekick even when it means following him into a bit of a pickle. Not so friendly to Fred is next-door neighbor Kevin, a nemesis who tries to make Fred lose his marbles (which sometimes works). If Fred finds himself in some kind of trouble, chances are it was Kevin who caused it.

Current cast
Lucas Cruikshank as Fred Figglehorn
Daniella Monet as Bertha
Jake Weary as Kevin
Siobhan Fallon hogan as Fred's Mom

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