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Frozen Planet

The polar regions experience some of the planet's most-extreme weather and animal behavior. 

Alec Baldwin (Narrator), Alastair Fothergill (Executive Producer), Susan Winslow (Executive Producer)

06:00 AM
"Winter"  Polar winter brings the greatest test of survival; polar bear cubs are born tiny and blind; wolverines scavenge in deep snow; brinicles turn deadly when they reach the ocean floor.  (Repeat) DEST
07:00 AM
"Summer"  In polar summer, the sun never sets; polar bear cubs' swimming lessons; spa treatments for beluga whales; male musk oxen battle each other.  (Repeat) DEST
08:00 AM
"Spring"  Polar spring triggers huge changes; Adelie penguins pilfer from each other to build nests; elephant seals fight for mates.  (Repeat) DEST
09:00 AM
"On Thin Ice"  Naturalist David Attenborough offers a view of what rising temperatures will mean for the people and wildlife of the North and South poles.  (Repeat) DEST
10:00 AM
"Life in the Freezer"  Walrus and seabird egg hunting in Siberia; in Antarctica, scientists study the world's southernmost active volcano.  (Repeat) DEST
11:00 AM
"The Ends of the Earth"  The polar regions experience extreme seasons and surprising animal behavior; polar bears battle each other for mates; surfing penguins; orcas who hunt collaboratively.  (Repeat) DEST
Frozen Planet

The team that produced the Emmy-winning ``Planet Earth'' series -- the BBC Natural History Unit and Discovery Channel -- combine forces once again for this sweeping seven-part documentary. Shot entirely in high-definition and featuring cutting-edge cinematography to capture undisturbed observations of animal behavior, ``Frozen Planet'' chronicles the ecosystems and animals of the Arctic and Antarctic, where the filmmakers spent more than 2,300 days in the field and 18 months at sea to record unprecedented footage. Episodes track the lives of polar bears, wolves, killer whales and penguins from the spring through the winter, and there is also a ``making of'' episode that details the challenges faced by the ``Frozen Planet'' team. The series is narrated by Alec Baldwin; the seventh episode -- a look at the effect global warming is having on not only the poles but also the rest of the planet -- is hosted by British naturalist Sir David Attenborough.

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Alec Baldwin

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