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06:30 AM
"City of Steel"  The Decepticons take over New York City and deconstruct Optimus.  (Repeat) HUB
06:30 AM
"Desertion of the Dinobots"  A deadly scourge strikes nearly every Transformer, and only Cybertronium can cure their collective ills.  (Repeat) HUB
06:30 AM
"Desertion of the Dinobots"  With the Dinobots gone, hope seems lost for the Autobots.  (Repeat) HUB
06:30 AM
"Blaster Blues"  Blaster and Cosmos must fight the Decepticons head-on when radios across Earth experience technical difficulties.  (Repeat) HUB
06:30 AM
"A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court"  A magical cave throws Hoist, Warpath, Spike, Starscream, Ramjet, Rumble and Ravage into Medieval times.  (Repeat) HUB
06:30 AM
"The God Gambit"  Space combat takes Astrotrain and other Decepticons to Saturn's moon Titan.  (Repeat) HUB
06:30 AM
"The Core"  Autobots find a means to use Devastator for the side of good.  (Repeat) HUB
06:30 AM
"The Autobot Run"  Megatron believes that if the Autobots could not transform into robot mode they would be easy prey for the Decepticons.  (Repeat) HUB
06:30 AM
"The Golden Lagoon"  Fierce action leads both Beachcomber and Thrust to stumble upon electrum, a liquid key to invincibility.  (Repeat) HUB

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