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She-Ra: Princess of Power

Princess Adora raises her magic sword and becomes She-Ra. 

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She-Ra: Princess of Power

With the success of the 1983 cartoon ``He-Man and the Masters of the Universe'' and its related action-figure line, the Filmation animation studio and toy company Mattel joined forces again in 1985, this time to create a television series aimed at young girls (and collectible playthings aimed at their mother's purses). Here, the title character (who just so happens to be the twin sister of sword-swinging hero He-Man) leads a band of freedom fighters against archnemesis Hordak and his Evil Horde. When she's not busting skulls in a kid-friendly manner, She-Ra uses her magic Sword of Protection to transform into her alter ego, Princess Adora (sold separately).

Current cast
Melendy Britt as Princess Adora
George Dicenzo as Bow
Linda Gary as Shadow Weaver
Erika Scheimer as Loo-Kee
Alan Oppenheimer as Skeletor
John Erwin as Broom
Lou Scheimer as Swift Wind

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