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A Haunting

True stories of the paranormal told by those who have experienced real-life horror tales. 

Anthony Call (Narrator)

01:00 PM
"Shape of Evil"  A family discovers a long history of death connected to their new home and begins to wonder if it is haunted.  (Repeat) DEST
02:00 PM
"Portal of Doom"  A mother and son match wits against a vicious demon who uses an ancient artifact to open portals in their home.  (Repeat) DEST
03:00 PM
"Ghost Inferno"  A family's home is haunted by the ghost of someone who died tragically on the property.  (Repeat) DEST
04:00 PM
"Phantom Room"  After a family discovers a secret room in their home, a volatile ghost becomes enraged and tries to drive them out.  (Repeat) DEST
05:00 PM
"Curse of the Mummy"  After an encounter with an Egyptian mummy, a young man is plagued by a creature that seeks to steal his soul.  (Repeat) DEST
06:00 PM
"Trapped in Terror"  A woman's estranged mother comes to visit, opening her home to the world of the undead; a team of paranormal investigators uncovers the truth.  (Repeat) DEST
09:00 AM
"The Possessed"  Paranormal investigator Mary Vogel believes she is possessed.  (Repeat) DEST
10:00 AM
"The Dark Side"  A couple discovers their historic manor house was built on an old cemetery.  (Repeat) DEST
11:00 AM
"The Forgotten"  Evil spirits haunt a Salt Lake City residence.  (Repeat) DEST
12:00 PM
"Hidden Terror"  Evil spirits wreak havoc with a young couple's relationship.  (Repeat) DEST
A Haunting

Re-enactments of apparent collisions between the spirit plane and the real world are presented in each one-hour episode of ``A Haunting,'' accompanied by commentary by the people who supposedly experienced such spooky incidents as demonic activity, poltergeist attacks, possessions, and cryptic visions. Paranormal investigators, priests, shamans, and psychic mediums provide insight into the stories as well.

Current cast
Anthony Call

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