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Curb Appeal

Improving the exterior appearance of a home. 

Dan Schachner (Host), Rick Spence (Host), Bill Duggan (Host), Sasha Andreev (Host)

07:30 AM
Curb Appeal A family's home needs a lot of work to be restored to its original beauty.  (Repeat) HGTV
08:00 AM
Curb Appeal A homicide detective has no time or energy to restore the front of her house.  (Repeat) HGTV
08:30 AM
Curb Appeal A family with close community ties wants to represent their block better.  (Repeat) HGTV
09:00 AM
Curb Appeal A green home goes from eye-sore to eye-catching.  (Repeat) HGTV
09:30 AM
"A Boring, Blue Bungalow is Beautified!"  A boring and barren yard is beautified.  (Repeat) HGTV
10:00 AM
Curb Appeal A unique and modern house needs a yard redesign to become a neighborhood gem.  (Repeat) HGTV
10:30 AM
Curb Appeal First time buyers have a difficult time finishing projects.  (Repeat) HGTV
11:00 AM
Curb Appeal A dying tree and an under-watered lawn make a yard an eyesore.  (Repeat) HGTV
11:30 AM
Curb Appeal A front yard resembles a deserted wasteland.  (Repeat) HGTV
Curb Appeal

Any real estate agent worth his or her salt will tell you that one of the most important factors in selling your home is making sure it has ``curb appeal,'' and this show uses professional designers and landscapers to demonstrate how to make a home look attractive to prospective buyers who drive by. The homeowners work alongside the experts on the project, and the show offers tips to viewers on how they can improve the curb appeal of their own homes.

Current cast
Dan Schachner Rick Spence Bill Duggan Sasha Andreev

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