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Army surgeons blow off steam between hours of combat surgery. 

Alan Alda, Mclean Stevenson, Wayne Rogers, Mike Farrell, Gary Burghoff, Loretta Swit, Harry Morgan, David Stiers, Jamie Farr, William Christopher, Larry Linville, Johnny Haymer, Michael Ensign

Jackie Cooper (Director), Earl Bellamy (Director), Gene Reynolds (Director), Don Weis (Director), Sid Dorfman (Writer), William Wiard (Director), Carl Kleinschmitt (Writer), Sheldon Keller (Writer), Larry Gelbart (Writer), Jerry Mayer (Writer), Bruce Shelly (Writer), David Ketchum (Writer), Laurence Marks (Writer), James Sheldon (Director), Hal Dresner (Writer), Bruce Bilson (Director), Burt Styler (Writer), Lee Philips (Director), Don Weiss (Director), Robert Klane (Writer), Hy Averback (Director), E.w. Swackhamer (Director), Terry Becker (Director), Michael O'herlihy (Director), Alan Alda (Director)

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Members of the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital care for the injured during the Korean War and use humor to escape from the horror and depression of the situation. Among the 4077's people are Capts. Benjamin ``Hawkeye'' Pierce and ``Trapper John'' McIntire, Majs. Margaret ``Hot Lips'' Houlihan and Frank Burns, and Cpl. Walter ``Radar'' O'Reilly.

Current cast
Alan Alda as Capt. Benjamin Franklin ``Hawkeye'' Pierce
Mclean Stevenson as Lt. Col. Henry Blake
Wayne Rogers as Capt. John McIntyre
Mike Farrell as Capt. B.J. Hunnicut
Gary Burghoff as Cpl. Walter ``Radar'' O'Reilly
Loretta Swit as Maj. Margaret Houlihan
Harry Morgan as Col. Sherman Potter
David Stiers as Maj. Charles Emerson Winchester III
Jamie Farr as Cpl. Maxwell Klinger
William Christopher as Father Francis Mulcahy

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