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Trauma: Life in the ER

"Handle With Care"

St. Patrick's Day causes havoc for emergency doctors at Memorial Health in Savannah, Ga., when a 1,500-pound beam falls on a construction worker.  (Repeat)

Sun 5/17 2:00 PM  DLC
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-PG
Documentary, Reality, Medical, Interests

Mike Mcglone (Narrator)

05:00 PM
"Loss of Innocence"  New Orleans Charity Hospital spends an Easter weekend trying to save children hit by cars, gunshot victims and stabbed teens.  (Repeat) DLC
05:00 PM
"Blindsided"  Car-crash victims; smoker fights for breath; uncooperative patient.  (Repeat) DLC
01:00 PM
"The Trauma Generation"  Many trauma patients are young people; boy is run over while playing; college students are injured in car crash.  (Repeat) DLC
02:00 PM
"Speed Fever"  The staff of Wishard Memorial Hospital treat accident victims and victims of violence.  (Repeat) DLC
05:00 PM
"Total Divert"  The emergency room of San Francisco General is almost always on total divert, which means ambulances are forced to take patients to other hospitals.  (Repeat) DLC
05:00 PM
"Keeping the Faith"  A man who lost a kidney to cancer, damaged his heart with heroin and is HIV-positive; man with cardiac failure; car crash victims.  (Repeat) DLC
05:00 PM
"In the Driver's Seat"  The Allegheny General trauma team in Pittsburgh is often pushed to the limit with head injuries, brain surgery and a horse attack.  (Repeat) DLC
05:00 PM
"Drawing the Line"  Nashville, Tenn.; man exposes himself to a fatal virus; an attempted suicide; prom night; teen tumbles out of speeding car.  (Repeat) DLC
05:00 PM
"Cross Currents"  At the Level One Trauma Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, the trauma team's first job is to prioritize care and address the most immediate damage.  (Repeat) DLC
01:00 PM
"Too Much Fun"  The staff of Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Oregon picks up the pieces when alcohol turns sport into nightmare.  (Repeat) DLC

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