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Dharma & Greg

A free-spirited yoga instructor marries. 

Jenna Elfman, Thomas Gibson, Mimi Kennedy, Alan Rachins, Susan Sullivan, Mitchell Ryan, Joel Murray, Shae D'lyn

Chuck Lorre (Executive Producer), Bill Prady (Executive Producer), David Babcock (Writer), Sid Youngers (Writer), Jenna Bruce (Writer), Joel Murray (Director), Bill Prady (Writer), Maxine Lapiduss (Writer), Ed Yeager (Writer), J.d. Lobue (Director), Don Foster (Writer), Del Shores (Writer), Susan Beavers (Writer), Eddie Gorodetsky (Writer), Asaad Kelada (Director), Jamie Gorenberg (Writer), Jonathan Schmock (Director), Chuck Lorre (Writer), Chuck Lorre (Director), Bob Berlinger (Director), Rachel Sweet (Writer), Thomas Gibson (Director), Ted Lange (Director), Michelle Nader (Writer), Julie Larson (Writer), Gail Mancuso (Director), Dava Savel (Writer), David Regal (Writer), Robby Benson (Director), Dottie Dartland (Executive Producer), Regina Stewart (Writer), Steve Silver (Director), Jonathan Smock (Writer), Will Mackenzie (Director), Amanda Bearse (Director), Jonathan Schmock (Writer), Randy Cordray (Director), Fred Greenlee (Writer), Ken Levine (Director), Eric Zicklin (Writer), Charles harper Yates (Writer), Dottie Dartland (Writer), Dottie Dartland (Director), Ellen Gittelsohn (Director), Gil Junger (Director), Noah Gregoropoulos (Writer), Susannah Hardaway (Writer), Ellen Gittlesohn (Director), Philip charles Mackenzie (Director), Tom Moore (Director), James Burrows (Director)

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Dharma & Greg

Free-spirited Dharma, a yoga instructor and dog trainer, meets and falls for polar opposite Greg, a Harvard-educated U.S. attorney. The feeling is mutual and before their first date is over, they are married -- much to the dismay of both sets of parents, who are polar opposites: Dharma's parents are hippies and Greg's are wealthy, almost snobbish. Dharma and Greg are completely different but are committed to each other and their marriage, showing their dysfunctional parents what true love is about.

Current cast
Jenna Elfman as Dharma Finkelstein
Thomas Gibson as Greg Montgomery
Mimi Kennedy as Abby O'Neill
Alan Rachins as Larry Finkelstein
Susan Sullivan as Kitty Montgomery
Mitchell Ryan as Edward Montgomery
Joel Murray as Pete Cavanaugh

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