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Extreme Makeover

Professionals transform those who want to enhance their lives. 

Anthony Griffin, Garth Fisher, Darcy Gilmore

Peter Newman (Narrator), Sam Saboura (Host), Sissy Biggers (Host), Charles Bangert (Director), Paul Miller (Director), Shanda Sawyer (Director), Howard Schultz (Executive Producer), Kimber Rickbaugh (Executive Producer)

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Extreme Makeover

Each episode of ``Extreme Makeover'' features two candidates whose looks are changed in an effort to transform their lives and make their dreams come true. This is accomplished through the skills of doctors, a plastic surgeon, an eye surgeon and a cosmetic dentist, along with a talented team of hair and make-up artists, stylists and personal trainers, known as the ``Extreme Team.'' At the end of each episode, the participants return to their friends and families to reveal their new looks to their loved ones, who were not allowed to see the incremental changes during the process.

Current cast
Sam Saboura Anthony Griffin Garth Fisher Darcy Gilmore Peter Newman Sissy Biggers

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