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Animal Cops Houston

Investigators combat animal abuse across Texas. 

Robert Leigh (Narrator), John Lurie (Narrator)

09:00 AM
"Wildfire"  SPCA must rescue dozens of animals thatare threatened by wildfires following emergency evacuations in southern Texas.  (Repeat) APL
09:00 AM
"Cat Hoarding House"  Houston SPCA investigate one of its biggest hoarding cases ever when more than 120 cats are found inside a quiet suburban house in horrific condition; neglected horse's embedded bridle hides horrible injuries; dog requires emergency surgery.  (Repeat) APL
09:00 AM
"Truck Dragged Pony"  Miniature Shetland pony suffers terrible drag injuries in shocking road rage case; family pet dog found dead in a backyard and another fighting for its life; stray puppy receives life changing surgery.  (Repeat) APL
09:00 AM
"Abandoned Hero"  Dog named Hero abandoned in apartment; neglect case turns into dangerous stand-off when investigators discover neglected horses and a dog left to fend for himself with shocking injuries; dog entangled in barbed wire.  (Repeat) APL
09:00 AM
"Justice Served"  Fifteen starving horses seized from property leave investigators in shock; Christine Kendrick makes an emergency seizure when she discovers two sick puppies in an unoccupied property; stray kitten gets paw stuck in garden fence.  (Repeat) APL
09:00 AM
"Human Trafficking Operation"  Houston SPCA staff joins local law enforcement after a raid on a property to free illegal immigrants held hostage by gunmen; the scene is not necessarily safe as more gunman could appear any minute.  (Repeat) APL
Animal Cops Houston

The dedicated team at the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a private charity, responds to a variety of distress calls involving an average of more than 100 animals per day. This series documents the work they do, from the initial investigation through, in some cases, the animals being adopted into loving homes.

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Robert Leigh

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