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Step by Step

A widow and a divorced man impulsively marry and merge their families. 

Patrick Duffy, Suzanne Somers, Staci Keanan, Brandon Call, Angela Watson, Christine Lakin, Christopher Castile, Emily mae Young, Jason Marsden, Bronson Pinchot, Josh Byrne, Janet Demay, Sasha Mitchell, Lauren Meyering, Kristina Meyering, John scott Clough, Barbara Bryne

Thomas Miller (Executive Producer), Robert Boyett (Executive Producer), William Bickley (Executive Producer), Michael Warren (Executive Producer), Ross Brown (Executive Producer), Steve Witting (Director), Meredith Siler (Writer), Rich Correll (Director), Brian Bird (Writer), Patrick Duffy (Director), Shelly Landau (Writer), William Bickley (Director), Larry Kase (Writer), Joel Ronkin (Writer), Joel Zwick (Director), Liz Sage (Writer), Adam Markowitz (Writer), Garrett Donovan (Writer), Neil Goldman (Writer), Robin Stein (Writer), Robert Griffard (Writer), Howard Adler (Writer), Mindy Schneider (Writer), Fred Rubin (Writer)

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Step by Step

Divorced contractor Frank Lambert and widowed beautician Carol Foster meet, fall in love and quickly get married. Both have three children and when the families all move in together the kids and parents have a lot of learning to do. Shows typically revolve around blending the kids together, getting to know others and being part of a family.

Current cast
Patrick Duffy as Frank Lambert
Suzanne Somers as Carol Foster
Staci Keanan as Dana Foster
Brandon Call as John Thomas ``J.T.'' Lambert
Angela Watson as Karen Foster
Christine Lakin as Alicia ``Al'' Lambert
Christopher Castile as Mark Foster
Emily mae Young as Lilly Lambert
Jason Marsden as Rich Halke

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