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I Love Lucy

"Anniversary Present"

Lucy thinks Ricky is considering having an affair.  (Repeat)

Sat 4/19 6:30 AM  HALL
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-G
Sitcom, Comedy

Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance, William Frawley, Gloria Blondell (Guest Star), Herb Vigran (Guest Star)

Jess Oppenheimer (Producer), William Asher (Director)

05:00 AM
"Ricky Asks for a Raise"  Lucy convinces Ricky that he should pressure his boss into giving him a raise.  (Repeat) HALL
05:30 AM
"Job Switching"  Lucy and Ethel go to work in a candy factory.  (Repeat) HALL
06:00 AM
"The Saxophone"  Lucy masquerades as a saxophonist so she can go on tour with Ricky and his band.  (Repeat) HALL
06:30 AM
"Anniversary Present"  Lucy thinks Ricky is considering having an affair.  (Repeat) HALL
07:00 AM
"The Handcuffs"  Inspired by a magic trick she saw, Lucy handcuffs herself to Ricky.  (Repeat) HALL
07:30 AM
"The Operetta"  Lucy induces members of her women's club to stage an operetta.  (Repeat) HALL
08:00 AM
"Vacation From Marriage"  Bored with married life, Lucy and Ethel decide to get away from their husbands.  (Repeat) HALL
08:30 AM
"The Courtroom"  On the Mertzes' anniversary, the Ricardos give them a television set that does not work.  (Repeat) HALL
09:00 AM
"Redecorating"  Inspired by a home show, Lucy and Ethel decide to redecorate their apartments.  (Repeat) HALL
09:30 AM
"Ricky Loses His Voice"  Ricky comes down with a sore throat just as he is about to open a new show.  (Repeat) HALL
I Love Lucy

Lucy Ricardo is the wacky wife of Cuban bandleader Ricky Ricardo. Living in New York, Ricky tries to succeed in show business while Lucy -- always trying to help -- usually manages to get in some kind of trouble that drives Ricky crazy. Their best friends are Fred and Ethel Mertz, who are also their landlords. Usually, Ethel becomes Lucy's less-than-willing partner in crime. Ricky and Lucy welcomed little Ricky in 1953, whose birth was a national TV event. Later in the show's run, the Ricardos (and the Mertzes) moved to Hollywood, where Ricky tried to become a movie star.

Current cast
Lucille Ball as Lucy RIcardo
Desi Arnaz as Ricky Ricardo
Vivian Vance as Ethel Mertz
William Frawley as Fred Mertz

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