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06:30 PM
"Crossroads"  In a series of flashbacks, each night court member recalls a particular turning point. Stars Harry Anderson, John Larroquette, Markie Post.  (Repeat) ENCRCL
06:30 PM
"Day Court"  A temporary shift to the day session shows a different side of each staffer. With Marsha Warfield and Harry Anderson.  (Repeat) ENCRCL
06:30 PM
"A Night Court at the Opera"  Dan uses a night at the opera to make his moves on Margaret. With Harry Anderson.  (Repeat) ENCRCL
06:30 PM
"Nobody Says Rat Fink Anymore"  A childhood bully confronts Harry again after the judge puts him behind bars.  (Repeat) ENCRCL
06:30 PM
"Jail Bait"  Christine defends a young artist and later falls victim to his charms. With Harry Anderson, John Larroquette.  (Repeat) ENCRCL
05:30 AM
"All You Need Is Love"  Harold T. Stone, newly appointed judge of a New York night court, shocks everyone with his unorthodox ways.  (Repeat) ENCRCL
06:30 PM
"It's Just a Joke"  An offensive comic is hauled into Harry's court by a show-stopping conservative minister. With Harry Anderson.  (Repeat) ENCRCL
06:30 PM
"Bringing Down Baby"  An obnoxious child who portrays a TV lawyer wreaks havoc while observing in Harry's court. With Marsha Warfield.  (Repeat) ENCRCL
06:30 PM
"Presumed Insolvent"  A man who had his money in a failed bank makes a "withdrawal" from a bank officer's home. With Harry Anderson.  (Repeat) ENCRCL
06:30 PM
"Mama Was a Rolling Stone"  Harry and the gang celebrate the return of Bull's seafaring mother with a whale of a party. With Richard Moll.  (Repeat) ENCRCL
Night Court

Honorable Judge Harry T. Stone is a young, hip, jeans-wearing liberal eccentric presiding over the night shift of a Manhattan courtroom -- which means his views on various cases aren't always normal, nor are his judgments. Helping him manage the chaos is not-so-bright yet softhearted courtroom guard Bull and egotistical prosecutor Dan Fielding. Also part of Stone's crew are passionate public defender Christine Sullivan and calm court clerk Mac, who joined the show in its third and second seasons, respectively.

Current cast
Harry Anderson as Harold T. ``Harry'' Stone
John Larroquette as Dan Fielding
Richard Moll as Nostradamus ``Bull'' Shannon
Markie Post as Christine Sullivan
Charles Robinson as MacIntosh ``Mac'' Robinson
Marsha Warfield as Rosalind Jane ``Roz'' Russell
Selma Diamond as Selma Hacker
Paula Kelly as Liz Willi
Florence Halop as Florence Kleiner
Karen Austin as Lana Wagner

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