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World's Toughest Fixes

Sean Riley tackles some of the world's toughest repair jobs. 

Sean Riley (Host)

03:00 AM
"Alaskan Salvage"  Riley joins an Alaskan salvage crew battling ice and wind as they try to clear an old boat that ran aground on a protected seal habitat.  (Repeat) NGC
04:00 AM
"Satellite Launch"  Riley heads into the jungle to help a team of rocket scientists and engineers launch a satellite into orbit.  (Repeat) NGC
05:00 AM
"High Voltage Power Lines"  Riley joins the people who work on power lines while the electricity is still on.  (Repeat) NGC
World's Toughest Fixes

Duct tape won't do the job when it comes to the repairs featured in this series, an inside look at what happens when big industry breaks down. Host Sean Riley, a professional rigger with a passion for adventure, is on the scene as each one-hour episode depicts him working with some of the world's top mechanics making heavy-duty industrial repairs.

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Sean Riley

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