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06:30 PM
"Hit the Road, Jack"  Christine must tell her father, who moved in with her, that he has overstayed his welcome.  (Repeat) ENCRCL
11:20 PM
"Mac and Quon Le: No Reservations"  Mac is crushed when his grandfather disapproves of his Vietnamese bride, Quon Le.  (Repeat) ENCRCL
06:30 PM
"I'm Okay, You're Catatonic/Schizophrenic"  Harry tries to keep his stepfather and another man out of a mental hospital. Mel Torme guest stars.  (Repeat) ENCRCL
11:10 PM
"Halloween, Too"  While everyone is preparing for Harry's Halloween party, the judge falls for a witch.  (Repeat) ENCRCL
06:30 PM
"Chrizzi's Honor"  Christine invites a stranger to her party, not realizing he's wanted by the mob.  (Repeat) ENCRCL
11:35 PM
"Best of Friends"  Dan'sformer college buddy has had a sex-change operation.  (Repeat) ENCRCL
06:30 PM
"Another Day in the Life"  Panic grips the courtroom as the gang races to clear 207 cases in one session so a millionaire will donate money to save an orphanage and so Dan can win an office pool for the most convictions.  (Repeat) ENCRCL
11:30 PM
"Dan's Boss"  Dan is fired when he fails to get along with his diminutive new boss. Guest: Robert Englund.  (Repeat) ENCRCL
05:10 AM
"Dan, the Walking Time Bomb"  Dan is handcuffed to a time bomb; Bull's blind girlfriend tries to heat up their relationship.  (Repeat) ENCRCL
06:30 PM
"Heart of Stone"  Harry and Dan, along with their passionate women, are caught in an embarrassing situation in Harry's chambers.  (Repeat) ENCRCL
Night Court

Honorable Judge Harry T. Stone is a young, hip, jeans-wearing liberal eccentric presiding over the night shift of a Manhattan courtroom -- which means his views on various cases aren't always normal, nor are his judgments. Helping him manage the chaos is not-so-bright yet softhearted courtroom guard Bull and egotistical prosecutor Dan Fielding. Also part of Stone's crew are passionate public defender Christine Sullivan and calm court clerk Mac, who joined the show in its third and second seasons, respectively.

Current cast
Harry Anderson as Harold T. ``Harry'' Stone
John Larroquette as Dan Fielding
Richard Moll as Nostradamus ``Bull'' Shannon
Markie Post as Christine Sullivan
Charles Robinson as MacIntosh ``Mac'' Robinson
Marsha Warfield as Rosalind Jane ``Roz'' Russell
Selma Diamond as Selma Hacker
Paula Kelly as Liz Willi
Florence Halop as Florence Kleiner
Karen Austin as Lana Wagner

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