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Untamed and Uncut

Stories of close encounters with wild animals from the people who lived to tell about them. 

Bruce Nozick (Narrator)

03:00 AM
"Elephant Attack"  Angry elephant; a deep-sea diver faces a giant octopus; a pet boa constrictor.  (Repeat) APL
04:00 AM
"Nurse Shark Attack"  A deep-sea diving guide gets a surprise when he tries to kiss a nurse shark on the snout; a professional bull rider gets the ride of his life; an elephant gets spooked.  (Repeat) APL
05:00 AM
"Double Great White Attack"  Two white sharks attack a surfer at the same time; a mule race goes awry.  (Repeat) APL
08:00 AM
"Wrong Way Horse Collision"  A jockey's life is threatened after a head-on collision; an anaconda attacks an environmental officer; a dog and her owner dangle 10 stories in the air.  (Repeat) APL
Untamed and Uncut

CGI animation helps illuminate stories from around the world that recount how someone's life has been changed forever by an unexpected encounter with an animal, sometimes heartwarming, sometimes utterly terrifying.

Current cast
Bruce Nozick

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