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Forensic Files

"Last Dance (The Rachel Siani Case)"

After police identify a murder victim thanks to her butterfly necklace, they discover several co-workers had vendettas against the victim.  (Repeat)

Sun 5/10 3:00 AM  CNN
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-14
Reality, Crime, Interests

Peter Thomas (Narrator)

10:00 PM
"Buried Treasure"  Fifteen years after a man disappears, using a metal detector, police find evidence which proves what had happened.  (Repeat) HLN
10:30 PM
"Muddy Waters"  A Colorado hunter shot three times and killed was the victim of a crime, not an accident; police suspected two murder weapons, and two killers, but forensic evidence pointed them closer to home.  (Repeat) HLN
11:00 PM
"Stake Out"  The kidnapping of a prominent banker's wife leads police on a wild goose chase until an entomologist's unexpected discovery uncovers a new suspect.  (Repeat) HLN
11:30 PM
"Trial by Fire"  A fire investigator determines if a kerosene heater is the cause of a fire that killed one person or if it was murder.  (Repeat) HLN
12:00 AM
"Soiled Plan"  Twenty years after the murder of a young mother, technology gives new light to evidence and points to the killer.  (Repeat) HLN
12:30 AM
"Headquarters"  When hunters find a skull in a Texas canyon, police find bits of clothing, a woman's shoe, some small bones and a strand of hair; once they discover her identity, it was time to find the killer.  (Repeat) HLN
01:00 AM
"Missing Pearl"  New technology in medical jurisprudence leads investigators to the body of a missing woman.  (Repeat) HLN
01:30 AM
"Man's Best Friend?"  Parents claim that their young daughter was attacked and killed by the family dogs.  (Repeat) HLN
03:00 AM
"Memories"  A woman identifies her husband as her attacker, but questions arise 16 years later regarding her recollections.  (Repeat) HLN
03:30 AM
"Killigraphy"  A pathologist's examination of a woman's body may unravel a murder case.  (Repeat) HLN
Forensic Files

Eagle-eyed technical experts prove there is no such thing as a perfect crime as they assemble the pieces every criminal leaves behind. Dramatic crime re-creations and, sometimes, part of the investigations are a staple of the series. Some of the re-creations include alternate versions of the crimes, which are disproved by science. The show's episodes follow each case from the initial investigation until it reaches its legal resolution.

Current cast
Peter Thomas

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