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Forensic Files

Experts assemble the pieces of a crime puzzle. 

Peter Thomas (Narrator)

02:00 AM
"Going for Broke"  A Russian immigrant is found dead and a strange phone call to his office is the only lead investigators have.  (Repeat) HLN
02:30 AM
"Just Desserts"  A known criminal's driver's license is found at the crime scene of a double murder, but collected DNA point investigators in another direction.  (Repeat) HLN
03:00 AM
"The Metal Business"  Doctors cannot pinpoint the source of a businessman's illness.  (Repeat) HLN
03:30 AM
"Palm Print Conviction"  A woman who leaves a bar with a stranger is found dead the next morning.  (Repeat) HLN
04:00 AM
"Within a Hair"  New developments in medical jurisprudence uncover startling facts about a previously solved case.  (Repeat) HLN
04:30 AM
"Chief Evidence"  The murders of a couple puzzles investigators until the victims' dog, Chief, leads police to the killer.  (Repeat) HLN
05:00 AM
"Frozen in Time"  A suspicious neighbor gives police a break in a cold case.  (Repeat) HLN
05:30 AM
"Cold Storage"  A family suspects their teenage daughter's new friends were involved in her disappearance.  (Repeat) HLN
05:00 PM
"Sunday School Ambush"  Investigators unravel a twisted tale of lust, greed and deception after a woman claims her husband was gunned down by intruders.  (Repeat) HLN
05:30 PM
"Penchant for Poison"  Arsenic poisoning is found to be the cause of a woman's mysterious illness.  (Repeat) HLN
Forensic Files

Eagle-eyed technical experts prove there is no such thing as a perfect crime as they assemble the pieces every criminal leaves behind. Dramatic crime re-creations and, sometimes, part of the investigations are a staple of the series. Some of the re-creations include alternate versions of the crimes, which are disproved by science. The show's episodes follow each case from the initial investigation until it reaches its legal resolution.

Current cast
Peter Thomas

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